Hisec moon mining for a relative noob?

I haven’t played EVE for a couple of years. I was thinking of coming back and making a living as a hisec moon miner, as I find mining relaxing (at least I did belt mining). Is it easy for a relative noob and mainly solo player to have a steady supply of moon ore to mine? Is it pretty safe? How much can you expect to mine an hour, and what is the best ship for it?



Send me a mail in-game. I got a sweet spot I mine at, and I can provide perfect Orca boosts (-mindlink). Moon mining is very profitable because you can find ABCs + Spodumain and Gneiss.

I’d like to get a public fleet up and running.


Welcome back, enjoy the game and the number of old players who are starting to return, and as always be paranoid about other players intents.


I highly suggest that you try to get on good terms with the large high sec corps and see where that leads you.




Pretty much this.

@Iceacid_Frostpacker, I made your statement a bit more precise.


Start reading some patch notes and get caught up, Eve has gone through some changes you will need to pay attention to.

That depends on you. There is usually more safety in numbers so a team is likely better than solo.

I have no idea, but everyone seems to be in Orca’s these days :wink:

Xuixien offers you an interesting proposition to consider. It is isn’t your only choice but that is for you to decide. (I find intrigue the more compelling choice)

Whatever you choose just remember it’s only pixels. So go have fun!

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