Mining drones - Is my math off?

So with the new changes, I’m trying to find out which drones to use on my AFK Miner (yea i see the irony in my name…)

‘Augmented’ got most mining ammount and speed, but also losses 40% of the mined ore.
Miner II losses 34%
Miner I losses 0%

With my bonuses and skills it will then looks like it

'Augmented' - 174,40 m3 with 40% res prob = 104,64m3
Miner I - 109,11 with 0% res prob = 109,11m3
Miner II - 155,54 with 34 % res prob = 102,66m3

Due to the fact that I dont need to change ore that often, and will be close to the ore most times, i see it as a no brainer to use Miner I’s?

Is it supposed to be like this?

That is where you are wrong.
It’s loses, not losses.

also it does not lose 40% of it’s mined ore. It removed 40% of its mined ore as wastage in the roid.

Do you by any chance have a link where i can read more about this game mech? Can’t google it cus I’m apparently semi-retarded

I don’t believe you are semi retarded.

Mining waste is taken from the asteroid and not from the mining yield.


I see! So if i want the ore to last longest because it is afk mining - Miners I would be best but if i want highest yield and most active play where i have to switch more often between asteroids ‘augmented’ it is then

Thank you!

if you use no drone then it will last infinitely. Even better !

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Mining T1 - Veldspar mined: 27.284  Veldspar start: 98.413 units - Veldspar end: 76.070 - Veld lost - 0 - ISK: 279.000
Mining T2 - Veldspar mined: 38.916  Veldspar start:  76.070  units - Veldspar end: 15098 - Veld lost: 22.056 - ISK: 398.000
'Augmented' - Veldspar mined:43,694  Veldspar start: 133.178 units - Veldspar end: 75.421 - Veld lost: 14.063  - ISK: 447.000

Not spending any money makes you the richest man in the world!


you have to take into account ore loss these days

CCP should add a Large Industrial Drone Core for the Orca that do not require “Heavy Water” to make it a worth while solo drone miner again.

Make the Large Industrial Drone Core similar to the Large Industrial Core with only drone buff effects requiring no “Heavy Water”.

This refueling situation is really annoying and cuts into the profit margin.

Therefore CCP should NOT do as you wish, because that situation is better than the one you propose.

Nobody forces you to use that core.

It’s not only about the fuel cost but that, as a solo player, you have to leave the asteroid belt to “go and buy fuel” just to have the same drone mining yield on an Orca as the Dec 2021 pre-mining upgrade. It’s not like a solo Orca has any other way to mine ore. Basically you use the large industrial core to get a boost in the drone mining yield to counter the drone mining “residue” the drones now have.

Or for that matter let the Orca be able to fit strip miners in the high slots.

“Why do you mine ore in and Orca?” because it has a big ore hold and a big cargo hold and can also hold a few ships as well. Its like a small traveling space station.

That defeats the point.

You need to alternate between farming ice and ore, or better yet, become friends and business partners with some ice miners and then both of you reap the rewards!

You don’t. Just carry extra heavy water in your main hold and move it into the fuel hold every so often. Before compression you would fill the holds long before you ran out of fuel. Now with compression you can fill the main hold and fleet hanger with fuel. Compress in the ore hold…… and you won’t need to leave any belt till it’s empty. You could go belt to belt all day.

This is just a misunderstanding. You use the industrial core to replace the bonuses that were removed from the ships role bonuses. It has absolutely nothing to do with residue.

The orca used to have a role bonus of 100% to mining yield with another 10% per level linked to industrial command. A total of 150%

Now it has 15% per level linked to industrial command with another 75% possible using a t2 core. A total of 150%.

Again……… residue plays no part in this at all.

I am a solo miner and don’t have a multi-boxer mining fleet. For me this is the reality. I have 5 mining drones in an Orca that’s it.

(You can check the stats by dragging mining drones into an Orca’s drone bay and use “Show Info” on then inside the drone bay. You can also use “simulate fitting” but you have to use show info on the drones in the simulated drone bay.)

1 unit of Heavy Water = 0.4m3.
5000m3 of Heavy Water = 12500 units at ±2mil ISK.
You burn 475 units ever 150sec.
12500 unit lasts just over 65 minutes.
You cargo hold can store ± 30000m3 of Heavy Water which means in total it’s about 7.5 hours worth of fuel in the fuel bay and cargo hold into total cost of 14 mil ISK.

Due to “residue” introduced in the Dec 2021 update your mining drones now produce 40% less ore in the same time as they did before. Using the Large Industrial Core doubles the mining drone yield, but that is double yield less 40% so in total about a 160% drone yield in total post-update. But to get that I have to pay 2mil ISK / hour.

Pre-update I got 200% drone yield at a cost of 0 ISK / hour. Post-update get 160% drone yield at 2mil ISK / hour. Previously I could just mine now I have to pay for the privilege.

Residue does play a large role in current drone mining.

Absolutely wrong. This is a massive misunderstanding on your part. You need to read up on this mechanic because it is not what is happening. What it means is that there is a 40% chance that your drone will generate waste.

So if your drones mine 500m3 per cycle a normal roll will look like this

500m3 mined to your hold 0 is wasted

On a waste roll it will look like this

500m3 mined to your and an additional 500m3 is taken from the rock and vanishes onto space.

IT DOESN’T CHANGE HOW MUCH YOU MINE. It just reduces the available of material in the asteroid. (Which were all doubled in size in the patch so globally there is still more to mine).

You need to work on your industrial core skills. that reduces the amount of heavy water the core requires and will keep you in space longer and reduce running costs. But i fail to see how being able to be in space for 7.5 hours isnt an improvement over pre compression times.

Ok my bad, but the “500m3 is taken from the rock and vanishes onto space” is removed front he asteroid and lost. That means that asteroids yield “less” ore than they did before. An Orca is not the fastest ship in the fleet and the Large Industrial Core make the ship stop so you loose time re-positioning to new belts if you only mine a specific type of ore.

1 => I previously I could mine with 200% drone yield at no cost and no residue plodding along at 73m/s.

2 => Now I get 200% drone yield with about 20% less ore per asteroid (1 drone per cycle has residue) at 2mil ISK per hour at 0m/s as the Large Industrial Core make the ship stop just like the Bastion Module on the Golem.

1 = simple mining and solo friendly.
2 = complicated mining and less solo friendly.

NO IT DOESN’T. In the same update the doubled (added 100%) the size of all asteroids.

So 100% increase and 40% waste…………anyway you look at that there is more ore to mine now.

As i said earlier the old bonuses were 100% bonus on the hull. And 10% per level of industrial command. That’s 150%. Where are you getting the other 50 from?

On paper industrial command gives 15% per level (75%) and the T2 core gives another 75%. Again 150% boost. So the same as before with fuel costs taken off and being locked in space. Not sure what you mean by 20% less form asteroids………they are 100% bigger and waste is only 40%. So there is more there to mine regardless.

If you want to reduce fuel costs offer boosts to folk in fleet. Many of them will tip. I dont think I’ve bought any heavy water myself in months as folks generally give contract me some if I’ve been boosting them. You know………Use the ship in a fleet how it was intended?

Drones, not ships, drones.
Mining Drone II (Orca no core) = 71.73 m3 / min with a damage modifier or 3.22x → 230 m3 / min
Mining Drone II (Orca core II) = 125.52 m3 / min with a damage modifier or 4.83x → 606 m3 / min at 2 mil ISK per hour cost.

The pre-mining update Orca had a 100% boost to drone damage and yield giving you 200% yield no cost.

The bonuses for the drones are part of the ships role and skill bonuses. You cant separate the two.

I have no idea where this 200% figure is coming from.