Mining in a hurricane?

It’s sound stupid but have anyone do something with a ship that is not fit for the job at all?
I did exploration with my cormorant, mining with a hurricane and ratting with a venture.
It’s just so much fun~


I think it used to be a thing before the venture got introduced. Problem is you don’t have much room for ore, so you’re going to have to mine in a can… which means people can steal from you.

Destroyers were often used in the past as they are easy to get into and can fit a lot of mining lasers.

And yes, ships don’t have to be used only for their intended purpose. It’s a common thing. This goes as far as doing PvP in mining barges.


You can fit a hurricane for 4k m² cargo space with the lows and rigs filled with expanders and a few secure cans. Not sure about the CPU requirements for the lasers, though. You might have a hard time fitting anything else. The regular 4k cargo cane used to have 20k of shield buffer fitted as well. It was a great salvager.

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Most people skipped the BCs and went straight to a BS for mining. Take the Rokh, you can fit 8 mining lasers, a shield tank, decent drone set up to kill rats, and lows for mining upgrades and cargo expanders.

Many of us who did side mining originally used the BSes as we didn’t want to train into barges and there was no venture.

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I can never seem to remember when barges were added to the game. Or maybe I just didn’t want to cross-train both combat ships and barges. Either way, when I started, Gallente didn’t have a good mining frig or cruiser like the other factions did, so I did a bunch of EFT warrior-ing to figure out which ones had the best yield. I used a Thorax for a while, a Brutix for a while, and a hyperion for a while. I haven’t checked the math recently, but last time I did, a maxed out hyperion or rohk were right around the same output as a barge, with a slight lead to the rohk because of the extra CPU.

edit: ok, so barges and exhumers were definitely around when I started, but I’m thinking their output might not have been that impressive or something, making crosstraining less attractive.

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If it works for you, all good. I used the above mentioned mining rokh a few times. Was actually nice for it really.


Aye. One thing I’ve done when feeling lazy and grinding the career agents for standings is just bringing a Venture with a few extra modules for it all (except the missions that require a specific ship). One of the frigates or the destroyer you get might be more efficient, but why use the time and money on fitting them if all you want is to get done?

…and do it in a kestrel

Or a Ragnarok :wink:

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man that is some old school youtube video call back there. Funny as hell vid that one. Who knew chribba could be so mean… (think that who the guy acting in the clip was supposed to be, been a while since I saw that vid lol).

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Context for all the non-vets:


Hurricanes were a very popular choice in W-space for gas sites when W-space was first opened, and well before the Venture.

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