Mining Missions / Ship Rental

You’re talking about fully skilled players, probably multi-boxing with exhumers and maybe even boosts.

I was thinking of an alpha, renting barges to run these missions. They not only dont mine as quickly as omega, they can’t use mining drones, they don’t move as fast, warp as fast and dont get the same payouts for missions. And thats before paying to rent the barges.

For the fourth time, and second time directly to you, I’m not an Alpha… Can you read?

You my friend get it. If there is any way for this idea to impact the real economy more than running distro missions or mining in a venture, then it’s a bad idea, and not what I was getting at.

The idea is to open up options of what to do, different ways to play and enjoy your time, that isn’t about ISK/hour.

I already do this but people don’t understand it.

Pffft says the guy that claims anyone not mining like him is doing it wrong…

No, I’m doing it wrong, know I’m doing it wrong, and know the right way to earn isk fast and choose not to do it.

Heh, doesn’t sound like the guy in this thread,


I’m in alpha status due to real life funds shortage and time shortage. Doesn’t mean I don’t know where to mine. Doesn’t mean I don’t know what to mine. Just means I don’t have time to right now.

Granted I used to run 250 ice a day in a skiff.

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