Mining Missions

(Ignatius Leopardi) #1

At Level II are the missions super repetitive or is my Agent broken? I’ve down two three times, and one twice.

(Corwin Dnari) #2

I don’t remember level II, since it’s been a while, but there are only nine level IV mining missions. I doubt there are many more at level II. So yeah, repetitive.

(Ignatius Leopardi) #3

They could put a cocaine freak to sleep.

(Kiddoomer) #4

There’s only 6 L2 mining missions, 7 L3 mining missions (one with ice), and as said above 9 L4 (2 with gas, 2 with ice).

Not only they’re boring but if you reach L4 and do Gas injections, once in range of the cloud you will litteraly have nothing to touch on your keyboard for more than half an hour.

These missions haven’t been touched since they have been introduced in the game at least 10 years ago. The only thing that changed is the new asteroid depletion animation. Another thing is a few mission site have tons of decorative gas clouds stacked on top of each other, wich will make your computer melt with shaders on medium or high.

(Giddy McFee) #5

L2 of any mission is pretty boring to be honest.

(Ignatius Leopardi) #6

At least in the military skill path, things blow up and make noises.