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it bothers me that they called the pound sign “hash key”

The OWL was funny

love the video wow awesome he he he :slight_smile:

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They have the cardinal sign, and the italized or italicized [ Italy size: Area: 301,338 km²
Population: 60.59 million (2017) ] cardinal sign ,
both of which can be confused , permuted, switched around, used for one another, freely and completely freely.

£ is a pound. # is a hash. :wink:

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The hash (#) key doesn’t represent a currency, the pound (£) key does.

the octothorpe(#)
is used to illustrate pounds as weight in the US… That’s why when calling places and entering numbers they say to use the # pound sign after entering a number. And also illustrating numbers… its ingrained in me to call it the pound sign and not hash key.

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