Mining problems

I’m trying to mine simple scordite in a 0.7 near Amarr. But i constantly have to move because of Triglavian spawns. I can’t do reliable mining and the whole experience is just not fun.

Mining is an essential part of the industry. What are they trying to do here?


Why can’t you?

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I mean… I have to sit and stare at the screen just in case something comes up. It’s a lot of staring. If i don’t i lose my barge. It’s not exactly my definiton of a good time. I can’t settle in a beat. I suppose people who designed these spawns never had to mine in the first place.

I guess it’s because of a bot thing or another. I just don’t like it.


Go do something else. Mining is a horrible profession in this game. Buy same PLEX, turn it into ISK, buy ships and get blown up.


They’re making it harder to keep and build ships… or anything else for that matter.

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I’m trying to make a T1 Apocalypse. I have the Isogen and the Mellaxon. I went to Gallente space to mine the Melaxxon. I have about 2m to go for Pyrite. Tritanium should be easy after that.

So, mining is horrible and that’s what? A reason not to mine? What happens if everyone stops mining because it’s bad?

See, i just bought this new game, it’s like a Final Fantasy Tactics model. I like it so far. I also have an Xcom2 game going…

EvE comes just before my Hearthstone monthlies. And as far as Omega goes… That was before i realized CCP doesn’t want me to do industry.

I don’t mean to bash EvE just because i’m mad or something… But i actually invested a lot of effort into setting up this thing but now… There’s 5 belts where i am and i can fill a Covetor and a half before they spawn in my belt. It’s hardcore Triglavian action there. I mean, can’t you give it a rest CCP?

Doesn’t matter, I’ll probably find something i enjoy doing. CCP and the Koreans have been trimming the edges for a while now.


Miner problems indeed.

You seem to give up pretty easily. It’s not like there is only one place to mine Scordite, or that there is no way to deal with a couple NPCs. They even tell you where mining anomalies are in the Agency these days with no scouting effort required.

But ok, if any adversity is too much, then you probably should go find some other game more to your taste.

Don’t forget to donate your stuff to a good cause before you leave!


The OP doesn’t seem to want to stare at the screen while playing, so that rules out a lot of options.

If you really need to watch netflix or whatever while playing EVE, then maybe spinning your covetor in station might be a viable option.

Such an unusual thread from an OP over 10 years old with PVP experience.


So you just admitted to breaking The Law of Highsec by vile crime of AFK mining?

You know, the whole point of playing the game is that you are playing the game… if you just want to be afk then why should get any rewards?

I mean triglavian rats. Groups of 3-4, they can take a few cruisers. My barge doesn’t stand a chance. Reason i was mining in 0.7 is the rocks are tiny in 0.9. I was in 0.5 for Isogen and they were there too. I suppose they would be in 0.9 too.

I don’t know what they were thinking putting vastly overpowered rats in mining belts. They’re just everywhere.

Mining is just a no brainer. Should it be a bot or a human mining, it would look the exact same. Therefore CCP messes up both. golfclap

Don’t you know??

In addition to a hauler alt you also need to have a combat alt.

Yes, it is a stupid feature but unfortunately on this topic there are even more stupid people.


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They both would have to be Omega right? That’s more commitment i’m willing to put in the current state of mining.

Or you could join a corporation that does mining ops. There are hundreds to choose from.

Do they even have a plan of how it should work? Or is it just spagetti flowcharts with a dozen knots.

Ohhhh. The corp line. Yes i’ve heard it before. I’ve joined a few over the time i played. A few disorganized people who probably don’t actually login. Then there’s the scam corp or they have you “guard the wormhole door”.

I’m not interested. For the same reason there are quite a few carebears in high, i should be able to solo. Then again… Maybe these triglavians are a CCP plot to move people to null?

This game needs more flowcharts. In order to figure out the flowcharts.

The main problem is i need 2m Pyrite. That’s some long term mining. I’m trying a retriever or a covetor. I haven’t made up my mind yet. But i do more running than mining. The whole thing is going nowhere.

So, as far as sandboxes go… I have to do specific things the way the developers want me to do them?


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That is exact definition of mining. And the very reason, why people loot down at miners. Anyone who is willing to just ‘sit and stare’ is a serious person and Eve supposed to be fun.

1 option: get to Delve (null)
2 option: get Orca
3 option: find 0.5 system with intensive moon mining and get yourself a Skiff.

You also have an option to go for gun-mining. When you kill NPC and reprocess the loot they give.

And BTW: a T1 Apocalypse is not a good ship. For anything. The only exception is producing Paladin.

Been here since 2009… Trust me, CCP has no plan. They just throw handfuls of wet noodles at the wall every few months… It seems like they implement the ones that fall to the floor as opposed to the ones that stick.

They are very anti-player, and seems that will never change. Ultimately, since the PA acquisition they have been gradually moving to a model where you will have to buy PLEX with RL$ to pay for things in order to just be moderately successful, including minerals, which are becoming rarer by the day.

This last CODE.-centric patch will make things even worse. Now a single Catalyst is capable of finishing a gank that used to take 2-3.

Who is going to stay around when T1 Cruisers are going for 75-100 Million ISK when bounties/rewards are not rising with the scarcity-idiocy?


I think the answer has already been posted here - mine in cosmic anomalies.