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Hello there!

Iam very new to eve online, I played for like 1-2 months and often just trained my skills for mining because I like this part of the game.

I managed to get an Hulk now with some t2 lasers and a good amount of other upgrades and drones.

My question now is, where should I go to mine solo and what type of ores should I mine?

I searched in 1.0 - 0.5 but the profit isnt that great I guess, like 10-12m ISK per hour.

Hope you guys can help me :slight_smile:

Note: Hulk is a fleet exhumer - it fills way too fast so you have to eject mined ore and collect it later with a chance of it being stolen… IF you are using T2 strip miners without crystals then stop because they are way less efficient compared to T1 strip miners in that case.

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Thank you very much, what ship would you suggest me for solo mining?

Mackinaw if you want more AFK time, Skiff if you prefer to be on the safer side.


orca if you want both, but its a drone-based mining…

If youre alone, youre not going to make a lot.

Best way to make tons of isk is to have a booster.

Join a group for mining, and get fleet boosted, you will make more.

Also, Hulk has a very limited amount of Ore space. You will be moving back and forth alot and not making a lot of isk. Again, its better for fleets and not really best for solo.

Go with the Procurer or retriever. I dont like spending a lot of isk on something that will probably end up dying if i can help it, and flying a mackinaw/hulk is a good way to find yourself dead.

As a last helpful comment, mining permits are always a plus. Will help you not die from one of the most prolific gankers in the game.

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My general experience is that 10m ISK per hour mining in hi-sec is about normal - that’s what I get in my Skiff. I’m a reasonably skilled miner; that’s a Skiff fitted for T2 mining with T2 crystals and a substantial tank, but I mine to relax not for profit. You might do slightly better than that in ore anomalies, but that’s at higher risk.

Callous tip: if there’s a stranger mining in the same belt in a Hulk or (even better) a Mackinaw then I’m very happy.

There are groups out there that are industry focused and run regular mining fleets in hi-sec or in other areas with some overwatch. A fleet with hauling and fireman support can be a lot more profitable and fun.

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I’m much the same - but if you can find a friendly booster (Orca usually) , you can increase that by up to 30%. You’ll often find that, when you turn up at a belt, a complete stranger will offer you a boost for no pecuniary reason. Just remember to thank them and, if they boost you often, buy them some booster charges.


Most definitely. And throw them some of the extra you earn as well - kindness deserves to be recognised.


Honestly just join a null sec Corp and go mine null. There are many newbie friendly null sec corps which will allow you to join and you can still operate essentially as you are now.

Oth if you are hell bent on doing this “solo” then find a high sec moon op and pirate it. There is little point to mine anything other then moon ore imo.

Finally using a hulk is fine if you are mining in an out of the way system and have a hauler alt. Just flip the ore into a can and have the alt empty the can. Obviously this isn’t ideal and has some risk associated with it, but you minimize the risk by being in a little traveled system.

If you still need guidance, plz mail me

I think you’ll find the mining community to be very friendly in general. As others mentioned, look around for some friendly miners and get yourself boosted! Feel free to eve mail me if you have questions or would like to drop by and mine a moon or two!

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