Mining revamp idea

The game of eve is changing and mining for me has always being stagnant. I have thought of an idea for a revamp to the mining system.

The mtu is an awesome for collecting your loot when ratting, personally it is how I acquire 90% of the minerals I use, pi is also great.

Why couldn’t there be a mobile deployed mining unit in a similar fashion. Obviously if it was as effective as the mtu it would be very op.

But if as a working example, you deployed said unit in an asteroid belt, with a 24 hour cycle time.

If attacked the mobile mining unit would shut down for a reinforced period and then be collectible/destroyable/ lootable at the end of the 24hr period.

Also in theory this would make mining barges, exhumers, orcas etc redundant. So there role could be to deploy/anchor the mobile mining unit. With a limit as to how many per character per ship per period.

This would like with the ess create something to hunt attack and defend.

Just an idea.

So you want to take mining ships, which are boring enough as it is with very simple gameplay, and make them redundant just to use a deployable that is completely AFK instead?

What a very bad idea…

Why would they be redundant? They would be required to drop anchor collect each one. And yes you could completely drop them and do afl but there would be no guarantee they haven’t exploded by the time you get back.

You literally said yourself they would be redundant…

If you are going to quote don’t miss half the quote. It may well be a bad idea, but it wouldn’t make those ships obselete as they would be the ships required to actually deploy anchor collect etc.

Rather than introducing another object that, similar to how the MTU made the role of the Noctis redundant, would make the role of mining ships redundant, I would prefer to see the removal of the MTU instead.

Outside EVE, automation of manual tasks is progress. In EVE, those tasks are gameplay. Automating that gameplay turns EVE into a pretty screensaver. Get rid of it.

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Personally I love the mtu, I enjoy the system of when I rat dropping an mtu and returning the next day for to collect the loot. Which I then reprocess the poor loot into minerals to use for manufacturing. Mining likely can yield more isk per hour overall but it’s just so boring.

It would be interesting to see if a carrier farming havens and recycling loot could acquire the full list of minerals required quicker then mining them in an exhumer

Found the guy that wants Eve to be even more AFK. Why do you want to pay to play a game to not play?

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Honestly I don’t mine, I don’t understand how anyone would want to pay to play a game to sit there and mine. I didn’t used to loot many wrecks before mtu because of the time consuming boring work of collecting them all. Now I use those mtu to loot for me and reprocess the poor loot. While I continue farming havens etc.

If only there was an anchorable that could explore for me, do PI for me, mine for me, loot for me, do bomb runs for me… then I could just turn on EVE and watch the screen the whole evening!

Its usually while 14 boxing covetors in a WH while chatting with corpies who are also 10+ boxing, clearing a 14 day frac in an hour. :smirk:

Hats off to you if that’s what you enjoy

Why do you think people watch streams? A game is much more pleasant when you don’t have to do anything

MTU’s are for Salvaging and Fleet Mining not at a replacement for mining. Some of us like mining.

Some of us may like looting all wrecks in a combat site, but now that MTUs exist I doubt anyone does that.

The way I see your suggestion playing out, we’d have mining MTUs soaking up belts overnight, it would entice more player rats to the belts, and it would undermine mining ships almost in their entirety.

What would be the point of a mining ship? To drop off the MTU and pick it up? Why wouldn’t you be able to do that with any ship that can hold the MTU?

What would be the point of the mining modules? It would effectively turn mining into PvP. Some of us mine because we want less PvP, not more. We can’t get away from PvP entirely, but mining is one way to seriously minimize it.

Don’t mess with my mining ops like this.

No. Just…no.

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