Mining since Minerals Patch (Should I stay in HS or head into NS?)

Question is in the title,

I’m getting bored in HS with gankers, drama queen getting killed, and massive response in local for mining a belt. I’ve been trying a few systems out for the “fun of it” and making good isk but since the minerals patch, I’m looking into moving to NS for a few reasons.

  • Would it be more profitable? (I make about 1 bil a week rn)
  • Would I be able to make more stuff besides mining and researching BPO’s?
  • Would it be simpler to mine in NS altogether with the Ore anoms and Moon mining?

*For infos, I have 3 accounts. 2x Omegas with Orca and perfect boost, while my third is still alpha and working on skills slowly.

I’m not really into PVP (Skillwise), But I could always get 3-4 LSI and get up to speed with one of my accounts with doctrine. I am looking into a “relax environment (as relax as it can be in NS, seriously I do understand the mechanics of it”)

Long term goals would be Rorq/Carrier/ for my main account, second account would go for Indy/production and third for PVP pure and simple PVP all the way.

So, back to my question. Would it be a good move or not? Looking for serious advice here.

Thank you.

You can go to low sec or null sec but you won’t care for it. You could like i have done and leave the game till something good happens for miners. I hope CCP loses tons of players, accounts, and money. I for one have lost all faith in CCP to anything good for the game.

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Can I have your stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:


Trolls like you are part of the problem with Eve, CCP and this forum but I hope you have the day you deserve.

She was asking for serious advice

Who’s the troll?

That is the serious advice I would give anyone is to leave Eve. CCP nerfed Rorq to point they are not worth undocking. CCP nerfed mining to the point to where it is not worth undockign to mine. CCP nerfed Carrier to the point the where it is not worth using them to rat. CCP nerfed boutnies tot he point to where ratting is not that profitable either.

Yes the orginal poster sould make isk in low sec or null sec but their long terms goals are dead int eh water before they even start.

Don’t listen to the quitter, minerals will always balance around what players feel its worth time wise so no matter what ccp does there will always be a decent way to make isk while doing that activity.

So I would make a spread sheet a simple one that gives rough estimates look for the type of ore you want the most look where it is and make a plan, it will be a lot more rewarding finding your own way than someone telling you.

P.s. Low sec/ Npc null are very easy to solo live in and even easier if you join a corp for it, poch is a bit tricky but very rewarding in cheap ship’s.

But yea get something super cheap that you can loose 20 of and not blink an eye and go test the waters.

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Porch is like NS and WH mixed together right?

Considering the risk/reward system I do understand the nature of it and maybe I should have been more clear on my part. I’m still 6 months away from any capital ship. I’ve been working my way up the chain for some time.

I understand the need for people to tell others to quit because they are not happy with the current state of the game and I do appreciate their point of view on this. I mean, the grass will always be greener at the neighbours house.

For my part, I’ve had a horrible experience not long ago with the last corp I was in, told to dockup and unsub because of their bad negociation / leaving members in very bad situation and forced to do stuff they didnt want. (Not to go into so much detail). My main concern was more of the “how much isk are we talking about here?”.

I do understand that Moon Mining/ORE/ICE & PI will be worth a lot more since NS has the “Richest” ones but making that move into NS is worrying me. The reason of my post was to find out from other people if it was worth it.

Thank you for answering me.

Poch is unique but if you want to live there just join a group :stuck_out_tongue: they will easily help you.

If I can give you any advice don’t worry about cap ships for awhile it would be a complete waste to train your main into cap’s, caps are good for alt’s once you have iskies to spend on such things.

Been playing since 2007 and still don’t have any cap skills on my main and still stuff to train.

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In all aspects of that game, may I ask what were you doing before the patch? I didn’t see any “real” impact on my side since I was already in HS making isk. I mean, I’m making more now since trit has double in value but with the removal of “Ore Anoms” and Isogen/Nocx from HS I didnt do any industry. The market was way too unstable to make any isk or I was loosing ton’s since I had to pay a premium on minerals that was before easy to get.

That is my main concern right now and mostly why I’m bored.

I am thanking you for your answer. I wanted caps for a Freighter (Adv. SCV & Freighter Skill). I’ve had my DST for a while and it’s been fun to have it. But sometimes I have to move a lot of stuff and the need for greater transport capacity has arisen which was not bad “skills and price-wise”. For me, it was the "most logical way to keep on working the capital skills since I was already on that path. (Might not be that logical but owning a Carrier/Rorq would still mean a lot to me. Like owning your first car/pickup/etc.)


Well, Sophie, really it seems to me that your OP might be better suited for General Discussion rather than New Citizen’s Q&A.

That said, maybe go be a nullbear. Solo mining in nullsec seems like a good way to get popped a lot, but w/e.

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I’m only a couple months old in game but I’ve moved to low sec ( for now ) so that I could benefit from some incursions into null ( trying out fits for nullrats, exploring and seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into ) while reaping the benefits of some ore in lowsec.
I’m not ready to live to nullsec skillwise and the travel time to a decent market is a bother but I figure I’ll make do with what I have.
I do hope you find lots of interesting things to do in null. I haven’t taken the time to explore much, just enough to know it wasn’t time to consider it my stomping ground. I want to feel at home in low first.

The game has plenty of content to keep busy, even without looking over one’s shoulder for gankers but it seems that your complaint stems from the resources changes and mining… I’ve mined some, in low and null, keeping the ore unreprocessed to sell in other systems that need it. Not looking to manufacture anything but maybe missiles and lazer crystals when opportunity opens up.
I have very low ambitions as far as my role in New Eden. I don’t have all the time in the world to spend in front of a PC and I really enjoy when I am able to. So far EVE has kept my interest. I’m using Alpha state to see if what I’m discovering about the galaxy and those who pull the strings are worth spending my PC time on.
If I ever get to feel the way you wrote about EVE and CCP I’d uninstall completely and never look back.

That’s good content. Never know what one can encounter and it’s a challenge to fit a small ship for that when resources are limited. To me, that helps the immersion and the challenge.

I read that enough in these forum to take my time choosing a corp.

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