Mining Survey Scanner Idea

i was out mining, and bored out of my brains… wanted to see how much the rocks had left… so i hit the scanner and forgot i was in an Orca and it has a scan range of 135 km so it scanned the entire belt… 30-50 rocks all scanned…

Gah i think and start scrolling down to see where the rock i was mining was…

i know that there is a marker of >< to show you what you have targeted… but 2 features that i think would be great to add to this would be as follows…

allow you to sort by range.

  • range brackets that are either predefined, or customizable for the grouping (<10;10-20;20-30;30+
  • i know you can sort by range now but it keeps them in there ore type groups,

Selectable Tag that shows only things that you have locked (only available when you have something locked)


an interesting idea, but wouldn’t scan probes just scan the whole belt.

there is a module in game called “cargo scanner”
I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but naturally it allows you to scan the cargo holds of the ships you’re targeting.

I mention this because perhaps a modified version of that which allows a person to simply just scan the rock they’re targeting and retrieve info for that one rock instead of scanning the whole belt and trying to find the one rock, as someone who’s spent more than his fair share of time in an asteroid belt. i think what your propose is a good idea.

I do however think a specific module to scan one rock instead of the whole field is the way forward.

it would be cool if survey scanners could only be fit to Porpoise, Orca’s and Rorquals and anyone else has to equip a single “Resource Scanner” Module on their ship to track their progress.

this would seperate the role of miner and mining foreman and even mining director within a corporation. A long forgotten role which people need to seriously consider bringing back into their corps and alliances in my humble opinion

but seriously, i think this is a good idea.

seriously good job!
below is a link for a gif to accurately show my response

i hadn’t thought of a single roid scan… which as you pointed out would also expand / suit the idea that i had.

cheers for the feedback.

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you’re more than welcome, I always feel its appropriate to at least build on the merits of idea people have. sometimes ideas can be flawed and if they’re flawed they can be exploited, as someone mentioned in one of my posts exploits will be exploited to the max by certain players.

you’re idea is genuinely a good one and for newer players starting out or joining the game, understanding how long they have left before their roid pops would be huge.

a lot of miners don’t even equip survey scanners and they just afk mine your idea will help people at least be more attentive to mining in my opinion, the number of times I’ve poked people saying “hey you’re lasers are off” or “your roid popped 5 minutes ago” when they realise they’ve not been mining because they’re busy on youtube or facebook or something else.

it has been my experience that players who don’t like an idea will emphasise the flaws massively without featuring any form of creditable idea on how to fix it themselves.

build on meritable ideas, support your fellow capsuleers, don’t complain about a problem unless you have a solution or at least are prepared to talk about how to create a solution constructively.


keep up the good work!

Show it on the brackets.

In the same way that selected items have the distance shown on their bracket, do the same with the amount of ore in rocks but rather than update in real time it only updates when a fleet member uses a survey scanner within range. That way an orca/porpoise can survey for the whole fleet.

This does mean making some kind of ‘fleet bracket’ if such a thing can exist. (and if it can it will probably have applications beyond survey scanning).

A highlighted bar would be more visible, that’d be nice

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