Ore ships survey scanner

I was swapping modules on my barge last night and it occurred to me that given that all ORE ships revolve around mining should they not have a survey scanner built-in as standard.

Keep it’s impact on cpu and power grid as is but have it as a fixed item on all ORE ships.

Not all barges are fit for mining, you know

I would say no. Often you have to make decisions whether or not to include a survey scanner, or use the mid slot and CPU/PG allotment for some other purpose.

No, not all miners need a survey scanner. Only one of you per group or ‘miner ball’ needs a survey scanner.

Think about if they all did come with a survey scanner, ccp would take a mid slot off them for balance. Don’t do it.

Not all combat ships come pre fit with guns or pre fit with a prop mod. Not all haulers come fit with cargo expanders.

There’d be little customisation left and few modules to make.

And even when mining alone not everyone wants a scanner fit to the barge. It is sometimes easier to survey the asteroid field and mark the rocks then constantly try yo find the next one you want to mine.
Not even mentioning trap fits yet…

Given that literally no other ship in EvE has any module functionality “just built in”, I think you’d need a pretty strong case to do that.

You don’t make one.


(I could maybe see adding a range bonus to survey scanners to Covetors/Hulks to compliment the range bonuses they get to mining though…)

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