Quality Of Life -- "Total" in Ore Scanner

I think a QOL improvement to the ore scanner would be to add a “Total” at the end of the scan.

I think of it like this. I warp to an ice belt with my Porpoise and scan the belt. Oh look 2.1 million M3 of units, its a full belt. This can handle a large scale OP. or i get there… see a bunch of ice still scan it… and see 600km3 left… meh smaller scale/ not much left. might look for a different area to mine.

not sure how difficult it would be? but maybe it could be a quality of life improvement?


Sure, let’s make mining even lazier…

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Appreciate the feedback. mining is pretty mellow as it is now. However it would be a benefit to see the totals in the scan results. no different than say a moon drill on a station telling you exactly how much ore/M3 will be in each moon pull.

Just for sake of argument how does math being done on the computer change math being done… on the computer… with a calculator… in game.

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can someone push my f1 for me?

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big difference to hundreds of miners spastically pushing the scan button every few seconds … and you’d have to extend the scanner range from the current ~20km to several hundred . sounds tailor-made for botting …

Currently a porpoise with moderate skills and a fleet boost module can push their scanner out 160-180k which would encompass most belts.

just for thought, why would someone press the scanner so frequently as you’ve said there?

Is your F1 key broken? i’m confused about your post.

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It’s just a QOL thing… why are you guys giving him such a hard time? It’s a tiny thing.

I say let the children boogie.

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Just an FYI:

If a botter is in a belt they aren’t following the idea of what ore totals exist that are profitable to mine. They show up. EAT EVERYTHING. Then leave. They don’t do efficient. They do target, check if module is offline, activate module, if still offline target new object and go towards next mining point then start module again. In the case of ice mining only one unit is active because the rest swarm around it. They usually poop jetcans in a mass as a herd and let a MTU collect them with a unit moving rocks from their MTU to a fleet hangar and then that fleet hangar is eaten by a freighter. This is also what a normal player can do except they can cut out the MTU, deposit directly to a ship with a fleet hangar (which a botter can also do but takes more work) and then when your orca is nearly full jettison a freight can, fill it, let a freighter warp to 0, pick up said can, get a duel, turn around, and web punt it back to safety. A freighter can be skipped by a player by just using a miasmos per miner which can be used day 1 of it’s existence.

In short this tool would be useless to a bot.

but the scanner does give you the total per rock, and thats all that matters, because you can only mine as many rocks as you have miner modules. the mining ledger keeps track of how much you mined in total.

It’s not in game, but I’ve created a tool for this because I had the same issue.

  1. Click on any of the results in the survey scan
  2. Hit CTRL + A
  3. Hit CTRL + C
  4. Go to https://ratemy.rocks/survey
  5. Hit CTRL + V
  6. Click analyze

It’s EVE. QOL changes go directly against what CCP and the players want. For some reason EVE players really enjoy frustration.

Cheers, ill give it a try !

that is pretty rad!

Cause they hear something that’s not a buff for them and they shoot it down cause everyone else’s playstyle is lazy and doesn’t deserve attention.

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