Moon Ore Scan Quantities

I am not sure if this is a problem or a design feature, but I want to get a clarification before I end up wasting a bunch of time repeating work that has to be done.

When probing moons before the recent changes were made to the ore amounts and types, the percentages of moon ore types would always add up to 1.00 or 100%. Now, there appears to be no consistent total as some still do add up to 100% and others are less than that, such as .7 or 70%. Is this an oversight that needs to be addressed or is this how it will remain as it was made this way on purpose. It is not a problem if it is meant this way, but if it is an oversight that will be adjusted in the future, I would rather not repeat what could be the most boring and tedious activity in EVE Online, probing moons.

No one really knows and CCP won’t say in the forum (not historically anyway).

I suspect it’s a temporary thing while the whole resource distribution is being worked on, because once resources become less static, they’ll either have the adjust the code to account for that possibility when they introduce the ability for resources to redistribute, or they’ll adjust the numbers.

So most likely its a temp state until it makes sense for them to finalise how the code calculates the values in the long run.

But that’s pure speculation.

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