Minmatar Loyalist wh Corp - Recruiting new and old players. No mic requirment

Raiders of Crimson Steppes is RECRUITING

We are looking for Industrialists, Mercanaries and Explorers!

We live in a C2-HS/C3 wormhole.

-ROCS is an anti-pirate Minmatar Loyalists and light RP corporation. We have a wormhole settlement and access to structures all across tribal space.

We operate in high-sec, low-sec and low class wh. Looking to expand into high class with increase of member activity.

Our main activities are:


  • Faction Warfare
  • Null roams
  • planned activities : rage rolls, high-sec/low-sec wars


  • Wormhole krabbing low-class, high-class, wolf rayet
  • L4 mission running.
  • Incursions


  • High-sec Athanors, moon mining, belt mining with boost.
  • Wormhole anomaly mining, ice mining(shattared), gas huffing
  • t2 rigged tatara and azbel access with low tax
  • wormhole pocos for PI
  • Limited amount of researched BPO access
  • Research slot support program

We run on NRDS and prioritize tribal politics in our rules.
Corp is beginner friendly and doesnt have sp/omega requirments.

What we will provide to our pilots:

  • Supportive and friendly envoirment.
  • Low tax/free indus facilities.
  • Training fleets and simulations
  • Voice and text comms. (no mic required we welcome all our mute friends!)
  • Educational fleets and guides

Our main TZ is EUTZ but we follow a flex active time and operate in USTZ as well. We are mostly a chill corp.

RP is optional -We dont do rp forced comms, but every one needs to follow rp related rules of corp. If you are interested in rp. You can fit your char story into our corp and rp with other rp’ers in a general scale.

Please ask questions here, in game mails or in our discord Clan Boerue


This is a daily bump kind of message. -ROCS currently has 5 players and 20 members in it.

Daily bump vol.2

Bumping because more minmatar is never a bad thing.

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