[-ROCS] Minmatar aligned WH Corp - Beginner Friendly, All races welcome, chill

Raiders of Crimson Steppes is RECRUITING.

-ROCS is a minmatar alligned wormhole corp. We live in a c2-hs/c3 and looking to expand into highclass in the future.

We are an Minmatar aligned anti-piracy organization and will deploy in tribal high-sec and low-sec to defend Republic whenever needed.

All races are welcome as members. Corp follows a light rp and is aligned to Minmatar and Vherokior tribe. All rules are set and actions are taken with interest of Republic in mind.

We operate in wh, ls, hs. Have access to industrial strucutres in tribal space and have our own setup in wormhole.

Main Activities:
high-sec / wh pve fleets
Faction Warfare
Huffing / Mining fleets

wormhole pi
industrial strucutre access in wh, hs, null
corp blueprint pool (rather limited size)

We provide guidance to newbies and have a friendly envoirment.

Non forced text - voice comms. (Mic not required)


Pls join our discord to have a talk :smiley: Discord Invite


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We are still looking for recruits.

Recruitments are still open

We do be recruiting

We need MOAR recruits.

Sent you a message in-game :slight_smile:

Resource harvesting is going non stop in the wh we moved our recruits into the system. Had a pochven roam yesterday and got some nice kills and good bunch of trig standing.

I was the logi so not very present on kills

lets be honest, I need members people come on

still recruiting

wee woo wee woo

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