Returning vet looking for new home WH preferred

Hey Everyone,

I’m settling back into the game and getting up to speed with the various changes since an extended break. I’m looking for a new, hopefully long term home. I’m eastern US time but on at various times during the day and night around life. I run multiple accounts, each around 100 mill sp. I primarily want an active WH corp (Though willing to consider other options IF they are a good fit but please take the time to ensure that) with minimal new players (alts are ok but i dont want a corp of mostly newbies and certainly few alphas). A corp where character is first and foremost, mature and respectful. NRDS in empire as I HATE gankers/griefers (goes back to character and class). A corp where they are active on comms and comms arent a ghost town.

I enjoy a variety of activities in the game. I’m also looking to explore new aspects that were introduced during my break. I do pvp but its not a focus. With the right group I’d do more especially if we are having fun. Home defense is totally different. I’m often in support roles, scouting, logi, boosting etc as needed so my participation isn’t always seen.

Our alliance was formed by the executors of two wormhole groups (WHSOC / KG), I can safely say that faction warfare is the best place to be.

  • Plenty of high end fights to be had and much more capital usage (see video in post below)
  • Content delivered on your doorstep instead of rolling all day
  • Higher connectivity than wormhole space due to systems like Turnur (k-space Theras)
  • Higher income potential, roughly 1B/hr with 5 toons multiboxing without rolling, maintaing statics, or any risk (T1 destroyers instead of marauders)