Minmatar named most profitable militia ever, sources claim


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Several news outlets are reporting large numbers of mercs flocking to the Minmatar, seeking their fortune fighting the Amarr on behalf of the Tribal Liberation Force (TLF).

The Minmatar warzone is currently at tier 5, with several systems ripe for de-plexing at a relatively high contested level including Anka at over 90%.

said one source close to the warzone.

“There has never been a more profitable time to fly Minmatar” confirmed the TLF spokesperson. “you’d be crazy not to join us.”

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Is it fighting, when there is no opposition?

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What is this, plex farmer roleplay, I just can’t even…

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TLF has a spokesperson?

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Just adding a bit of colour.

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You have done it. You have siglehandedly highlighted the biggest problem with Faction Warfare. Well done… + 1

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