State of the Warzone

It’s been three months since Minmatar defeated the hateful Amarr to claim the warzone (end of May). I’ve been taking a break from EVE so apologies for the lack of updates. So what’s been going on in that time? Did Amarr push back and reclaim their systems?

The overall story is one of Minmatar dominion with Minmatar still holding 95% of the warzone 1 month on. We have seen 4 key systems fall back into the hands of the Amarr though:

July 22nd - Huola: this is now well defended
July 22nd - Kamela: the Minmatar are pushing back here and look set to claim it again soon.
July 27th - Sosala
August 15th - Sahtogas

By accounts of the warriors I’ve spoken to, the first three systems fell when the Minmatar were largely still celebrating their victory, vacationing in Pator and went down quietly. Sahtogas was more of a fight and has re-awoken the Minmatar to push back. Except these systems to return to Minmatar hands in the near future.

The Gallenete / Caldari warzone paints a different picture with Gallenete failing to secure their warzone and now the Caldari making a signifiant push back in the other direction. The warzone now stands at 60/40 to the Gallenete and with Caldari Navy Wasps selling for 12% more than Federation Navy hammerheads, the Caldari State have the financial backing to continue to push against the Federation.

How can I help
YOU can help the Minmatar to secure the warzone and push out both Amarr and pirate factions. Even industrialists can help. Here’s how:

  1. Join us. Join the Minmatar militia solo or join a FW corp..

  2. Donate. Send ISK to DrButterfly PHD with a mail to say what it’s for and I’ll ensure it’s used to supply ships to Minmatar fighters.

  3. Buy Minmatar. Buying Minmatar faction ships, modules, ammo and drones helps support all Minmatar fighters and encourages others to join the fight.

  4. Trade in Rens. Helping to establish Rens as a trade hub makes it easier and cheaper for Minmatar fleets to equip their pilots.

  5. Stay informed and tell others. Watch and this forum for updates on the progress of the war.


The recruitment forums are that way kiddo >>>

Honestly more numbers isn’t really gonna help you guys, every day I log in for some plexing and even if there is 10 minmatards in local they keep away from me but I dunk them so hard :slight_smile:

Minmatar lost those systems because they’re bad, they were constantly bringing like 30-40 dudes through kamela/huola to deplex daily, NOT vacating lol, and all us amarr had to do was wait till they left and then continue plexing, and when it came to the IHUB bashes minmatar were nowhere to be found? Such elite much wow many good.

If you actually wanna help the warzone and provide good fights etc. you can join amarr here: [MOTCC] Maidens Of The Chalice - Amarr FW PVP Corp - Faction Warfare - Make ISK while you PVP - EUTZ/USTZ

A hell of a lot more fun to farm these minmatards rather than joining them, afk plexing with stabs and then getting roflstomped by half your numbers when you try to do stuff :slight_smile:

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There you have it.

If you like to call people “kiddo” or “-tards”, boast with how much better you are, as everyone else is just stoopid compared to you, then please join the Amarr. We like the saltiness of the local chat, when one of these peoples ships explodes.

If you’re mature enough to behave properly and actually have respect for other players, come talk to us in “Voices U’K” public channel.

If you want to know more of the tactics the dude above uses, check our recruitment thread, where he (posting with his alt) admits to have paid some WH and a pirate corp to help them capture systems by only attacking us, but not them.

In short:
Consider yourself a kiddy and call people kiddo and tards, have no honor and be a disgusting slaver? --> join amarrian 2girls1cup corp.

Consider yourself a mature player, who likes to fight for freedom and defend our lands and people from religious fanatics, join Minmatar militia. Ushra’Khan is the oldest alliance in New Eden. Our corps are recruiting. =)

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Yup, join minmatar who can’t take a joke :slight_smile:

You talk of maturity but I don’t see any of that from your guys ■■■■ talking in local, honestly your guys are pretty toxic and don’t actually like to fight the good fight. So many times we have brought good fights to you guys and you just pussy out and dock until we leave, heres a prime example of that:

And also, I didnt pay anyone actually… The wormhole corp that i brought to defend our citadel was the corp I was in… and SWEG came to fight you guys because I’m friends with some of them and we had like 3 guys on compared to the 20 odd you had on. So yeah, don’t try to make crap up to make you seem less terrible.

Thanks for giving the other side of the story. :+1:

This isn’t a recruitment thread. It’s a warzone report. Thanks for the pointer though.

See you on the battlefield!

Clearly this is just a recruitment attempt because if you truly were interested in helping the warzone you wouldn’t JUST post your corps recruitment post. I really don’t see how this isn’t a recruitment post when you literally say in your post that the way to help out the warzone is to join minmatar… Realistically the way to help the warzone is to get the numbers of each militia somewhat balanced so we can actually have good fights etc. Not that I’m complaining about having less numbers because you minmatar guys still run from any of our gangs even when you outnumber us but if you’re suggesting that to help the warzone you need to Join minmatar, buy ships from Minmatar, buy stuff exclusively from Rens (which you probably have seeded to make money) etc.

Just looks like this is a desperate attempt for some of you guys to make cash and keep the warzone because clearly fighting the good fight is too much effort and you guys just want the easy way out :slight_smile:

That’s how can you help the Minmatar, not the warzone. And only one out of 5 ways is to join the Militia, which might or might not mean joining a Minmatar corp that may or may not be the corp that I’m a part of.

Personally, I’m not so much interested in good fights. I’m interested in victory for the Minmatar, which seems to be doing pretty nicely.

In terms of Rens, I’m actually more interested in people selling more stuff in Rens, though more buyers helps the market too. I currently have 0 open sell and buy orders.

Definitely though, I want more people to join the Minmatar militia and posts like this help with that. The recruitment forum is specifically for corporation and alliance recruitment.

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@DrButterfly_PHD Interesting website you have made. Any plans for discord integration or is it slack only?

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@Tristan_daCuhna I have no plans for discord integration, but if somebody wanted to write a discord integration I’d be very happy to provide direction and potentially even host it. I don’t know anything about how discord apps work, but if they work in a similar way to slack, possibly just the slack endpoint could be re-written to work with whatever variables discord provides and whatever response discord expects.

Code here:

Also worth noting that those classes required at the top of the file could be replaced with API calls to the resources here if the discord integration had to be written in something other than PHP:

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You hate us, that’s good. You can’t hide it, that’s even better.

I’ll be monitoring this thread, I’m sure we can learn a lot from you. :rofl:

Ooooh and look at this.

You call me immature etc. but you have no problem doxing me in your slack…

So yeah, if you wanna join a group of people that make up a bunch of ■■■■ and dox people over a video game, minmatar militia is for you!


Maybe monitoring your own Slack would be a better start?


Seriously though, this has all escalated rather quickly. Let’s all calm down, grab a drink and go blow each other up. See you in the warzone shortly…

First new Warfare and Tactics popcorn thread perhaps? Really though as a been there done that faction loyalist the best thing for the Min/Amarr warzone is for Ushra Khan to have a friendly break up and for new pilots to join Amarr Militia.

I wonder, why you’ve tagged me in your reply.
I respectfully ask you to stop dragging me into this, as I’m neither involved, nor advocating for, nor asking for any doxing, drama, spies or whatever.

Hostility is fine, as long as both sides can keep it clean. We’re at war after all.

I am a simple member, enjoying FW. As far as I’m aware of, the person providing personal info on anyone is no longer associated with U’K. Please direct any inquiries about this to our alliance leadership and leave me out of this.

The doxxing was way over the top and I don’t want to see anything like this in any of our channels again, not by our members nor (as it was the case here) by our ex members.

I can’t undo what happened, but I do apologize sincerely to Gian for this incident.

That being said: see you on the battlefield.


The person responsible of sharing the personal information should apologize, not you.

I’m really unhappy about what happend and I feel powerless to improve on the situation.

This happened on our Slack, on the Slack of an alliance where I’m part of leadership, on a slack of which I’m one of the admins.

So I definitely should apologize if something like this happens.

In my defense: the doxxing information was already edited out of the post when I first saw it.


I clicked reply to your comment which tagged you. It was not intended to implicate or associate you with Nax.

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Dude, i was FCing the fleet that “bailed” in your video… I just wanted to say that we didn’t say a word in local so the insult you’re writing in the beginning are not coming from us.
You guys didn’t notice a No Handlebars fleet chasing us… I remember that night and that’s the reason why we didn’t take that fight and act “cowardly”.
But you know, you’re getting your ass kicked for months now so it’s good for you to think that way, with an over simplistic and out of context video.