State of the Warzone - October 10th

It’s been a while since my last update. Since the Minmatar last took control of nearly the whole warzone (just Sosala left), the Amarr have rebounded, pushing the contested status of systems consistently up and capturing i-hubs. There have been some strong defences of systems by the Minmatar who in some cases have succeeded in pushing the contested status right back down, but in most cases the Amarr have just kept pushing day after day until the systems fall.

Here’s a timeline of systems falling to the Amarr:

19th September - Anka
26th September - Saikamon
1st October - Lamaa and Uusanen
6th October - Tzvi
8th October - Iesa
9th October - Sifilar
10th October - Raa

Now the Amarr currently hold 27% of the victory points in the warzone and 13% of the systems.

It is worth noting that none of the systems taken represent strategic systems, with the possible exception of Lamaa. Sahtogas, Kamela, Kourmonen, Huola and Starkman (Arzad) all remain tightly under Minmatar control.

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I always enjoy your updates, wish caldari and gal side had someone as well

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