Calling Minmatar to Dal!

Over the last few days the Amarr have been pushing Dal heavily, importing and losing a rumored 2 jump freighters full of cheap fit Thrashers per day and pushing the contested level of this strategic system to over 80%.

The Minmatar have responded with force, deploying their own Thrashers and Talwars and pushing the contested level right back down under 60%.

The intense fighting has drawn pirate factions from across the warzone to the fray.

Over 1200 ships worth 35bn ISK have been destroyed in Dal over the weekend (average about 25-30 mill ISK per ship, 1 ship destroyed every 3 and a half minutes). In fact, over the last 24 hours, the system of Dal saw more ships destroyed than the whole of Providence.

Coming join the fight and push the Amarr back out of Minmatar space. There’s a Thrasher with your name on it waiting for you.


Sounds like ur getting that *$% kicked and need help. Good job Amarr. Amarr Victar! No matter what the victors will have earned the system… Good luck all…

Not really:

Seems like the Amarr are giving up actually fighting in Dal and are focusing on plexing at quiet times when people are at work. Every time I go there, there’s no Amarr to fight; just them docked up, complaining in local that low sec has pirates in it.

Contested level currently only at 38%.


Did i say that… looks as if my assessment of the situation was wrong, and im almost never wrong. Guess ill have to find something else to be right about :):face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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nah, suitonia is just too autistic to admit defeat and fold. so it’s just the daily usual FW business.

honestly I think they’re doing it just so that minmil will focus on Dal and not notice how other systems are taken by other amarr pilots.

Man, Amarr have been pushing Jayai constellation this last week eh?

Dal now returned to 0% contested.

Amarr reduced to making reddit claims minmil hired mercs. Apparently pirates showing up had nothing to do with:

  • Dal being 1 jump from main pirate home bases.
  • The fight being talked about on forums, reddit and twitter
  • Dal being listed as the system with most kills on Dotlan.

Nope, it was none of those things. Minmil must have hired them. Apparently.

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