State of the Warzone

Gian Bal

I offer you an apology for any damages caused looking back even on a privet slack I should not have said anything that would give information of who you are and that was wrong of me…

As I’m sure the spi will show the comment have been removed.

Again I am sorry for any damages casued to you.


@Hauke_Martensen It’s okay dude, it wasn’t you that did it and I thank you for removing the information on slack.

@aNNNNgST I know mate, that video was more of a satire sort of thing, most videos that I’ll make on the warzone will likely be in this sort of style and will likely be out of context and be used as propaganda. But I dissagree with us getting our asses kicked, we’ve only actually been in the warzone for maybe 2 months and have taken back 4 systems and are doing very well on kills etc. But we’ll see how the war pans out.

@Marik_Ishtar Honestly dude, I’m more pissed off with the fact that when we last spoke you acted like we were cool etc. and then you go on to minmatar slack and spread a load of crap about me, 90% of which isn’t even true (Also who is TJC? You said I had wanted to join TJC but I don’t even know who they are, also what exactly does the line “when we had TJC he cought wind of it and was seen asking people what we was doing in molden heath when that eve skunk mail got leaked”) But apart from that the fact that you try to make fun of me because I reported some guy in DHSJ for finding my facebook profile, going through it, finding a picture of me and my dog before he died and making a meme out of it and posting it everywhere in local chats etc. is just really f.ucking low dude seriously.

And lastly if @Naxirian is here, seriously why dude? Why bother giving lots of people my information on slack just because clearly you don’t like me because of some spaceship pixels. That’s just really low, especially when you consider the fact that I have never shared any information with you so you must have literally asked people I know where to find me on facebook etc. Also, half of your ‘information’ on me is completely wrong. Phased plasma was never a main toon, it was a low sp frigate alt that I used for random stuff, Harley Quinn was a character I didnt put any training into and was biomassed years ago…

And to everyone in the warzone: Yes, we will sh!t talk to each other, we will shoot each other, insult each other, fight each other, laugh at each other, moan at each other but it’s all in the context of the game. I’m here to have a good time, blow people up and have fun. At the end of the day this is nothing more than pixels on a screen and I have no idea what actually lead to this doxing situation but it needs to stop here, there is absolutely no need for any of it and if you really feel the need to go through peoples real life stuff and pick stuff out to try and insult them with then you’re a sad piece of sh!t and clearly need some help.



You can´t even leave for one day… no more barbecues for me I guess…
As for the slack things I apologize if any harm was done. I talked to the two ppl involved and made clear that such things are nothing Ushra’Khan wants to be associated with. The posts were removed and if there is any bad blood about it its directly between the persons involved (none of them are curently members of UK).
As Gian said this is a game and we should allways keep that in mind.

Back to the topic of the warzone:
If you want to help the warzone join the slaver scum. They can use more ppl for sure and we could use more targets. So far their performence was (despite all the big words) mediocre… :wink:

We´ll see you in space.
Leader UK


If you want to help the warzone join the slaver scum.

Don’t tempt us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ex-Pyre Falcon

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I like how this thread ended up. I’m proud of you guys.

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I’m no friend of s-talk, so I leave this to everyone else, who wishes to partake in that activity.
I will not insult anyone.
I will not laugh at anyone.
I will not moan at anyone.

What I will do is fight and promote our alliance, as long as it’s either necessary or justifyable.

I see you all in the warzone.

Do it. Bring back pyre


Mercenaries get paid… :slight_smile:

Getting the old band together again? There are only a few ppl left on our site from the good old days in Evati tho.
But it would be interesting for sure. This time you would most likely need more then a few kestrels :wink:

How expensive are the falcons these days?

Last time I paid them with J4LP & I.LAW nostalgia with some added extra drunken Kesha sing-a-longs.

Oh come on it wasn’t ‘a few Kestrels’ give the Mini Vets some credit!

We’ll see what winter brings.

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Use of term “kiddo”

By an 18 year old kid playing on his daddy’s account.

Also, I specifically liked that time you boasted “your” kb in my face to show how elite you were.

Priceless kiddo.

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Do you guys seriously not understand that I said ‘Kiddo’ as a joke… Seriously stop taking everything so seriously.

Also remember that time when you said you were gonna quit the game because you couldn’t get good fights with us?

Also remember how you actually believed the story about me being paid to take over the warzone lol.

Priceless dude.

Also not my dads account, it’s mine, was my dads character but I’ve had it for years now…


My brain doesn’t register on bad jokes no.

I did leave in the end.

Flying around 15 year old spaceship nerdage online isn’t really cut for me anymore I found, and the way some claim to call it “fights” inside, when it’s just purely playing it safe-■■■■■■ tactics behind a screen, just tended to grow on the cringe-train over time.

Also as you now claim you deliberately lied to my face, most likely to outgrow your tiny and over-inflated ego some more, and on my expense, then I think you truly represent and deserve all the mentioned above about you in this thread, and then quite possibly some more.

Have fun in life pal.

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Mate you need to chill out, this is pixels on a screen…

The story I told you I was making up as I went along to be just plain stupid and unbelievable as a joke which you clearly couldn’t catch on to.

And you think that doxing someone over some internet spaceship pixels is okay? Erm, no, it really isn’t. And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal too.


Ah yes, the good old “it’s just pixels on a screen bro” rebuttal.

Las I checked though, Time wasn’t made of pixels.

Dude, seriously, this is just a game. Relax. You’re taking this too seriously.


Just a game he says …


Last I checked time was an illusion, Albert Einstein was quoted as saying that.

So time could be made out of pixels… or plastic, or what ever we decide time could be made out of.