Minmatar Skins? Am I missing something?

Am I missing something? Or do NONE of the past couple/few events/promos that dump a ton of skins have any Minmatar ship skins? Is there a logic behind this that I’m not aware of?

CCP makes skins for the ships that are most commonly used, because it’ll be more likely that people purchase these skins to use on commonly used ships.

This is pretty standard for every game dev company.

Except that these are not purchased skins. They’re event skins. They’re not purchased.

Yeah, you release more skins for commonly used ships, people try 'em out, get interested in customization and are more likely to buy additional skins for them.

There were two skins given to us just the other week, Frontier Safeguarder
Lif & Scimitar

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CCP chose to “skin” the Minmatar ships differently from the others - Minmatar ships are mostly junk hanging off of the hull. None of the junk gets any skin, just the little bit of Hull you can see. As a consequence to this, the Minmatar skins are mostly unimpressive. Thusly, few people buy them. Then, when they decide what to spend skin time on, they notice that Minmatar skins don’t sell, so they don’t work on them much.

Minmatar ships are already perfectly skinned.

This. Haven’t seen a skin on a Minnie ship that made it look better.
Rust is the coolest skin there is.
Or gold, lots of gold, there can never be enough gold.

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