Leaving money on the table

Why are there no Minmatar tribal skins in the NES?

Why are skins not timed with the in game events?

Why are there no national themed skins for holidays?

Is CCP making enough money to just leave money on the table?

Why do you ask so many questions?

I only know they make more than I do and I still leave money on the table.

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But the tribal skins are being given away during Minmatar Ungrateful Day celebrations and the Ungrateful Games arent they?

Where are the rust skins? The only Minmatar skins I want are never actually sold.

By raising their monthly sub to $20, instead of $60/mo from me for 4 accounts, they now get $0/mo from me.

They clearly didn’t run a cost/benefit analysis, which is what you learn in the first minute of the first day of Econ 101.

It’s CCP, dude.

You can’t teach economic idiots how to not be economic idiots. They are the global textbook example and should be taught in classrooms all over the world how not to run a business.


Maybe they did, and your subs just don’t matter?


They only want Couch Substandard’s money these days.

He kind of looks like Hilmar…

thats because the minmatar are poor
there is plenty of amarr skins because we are better :smiley:
but don’t be sad , try to improve next time …

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Amateur (CCP) built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic.

The ductape texture SKINs? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The problem with the Titanic was design, not construction.

The problem with the Ark is it is mythical.

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Love how this term changes every few years xD What happend to neckbeards.

I didnt know he was around before the last year or so but then I dont know him from before he started playing EvE

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I LIKE it! But for Minmatar ships only.

I think the problem was that big f-ing iceberg they didn’t see.

Not really. The same disaster would have happened in a sufficently rough storm, or from running aground.

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I’m here to announce, unfortunately, the money is not on the table anymore.

Someone took it.

We are already investigating the issue, thank you for your comprehension and please stay close for further inquiries.

Good day.

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Downunder we leave money on the fridge when we grab a tinnie ‘a cold one’ when we drop in to our mates joint after brekky. That way we are not referred to as a bludger to our mates.

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