Minmatar Titan Pilot 127m Points

Titan Pilot (Minmatar 5)
127m Points + 1.5m Unallocated
good History
no accets / no clones
in Highsec 5.0 Standing
3 Remaps

looking for > 100b

101B offer!

ok isk to me and transferdata to me plz

no longer interess?

90b offer

94B offer. Would use the character in the war :slight_smile:

go 96b and we make it :stuck_out_tongue:

95b and you don’t have to worry about it anymore, come on, I know you want it :wink:

ok send isk /account to me via IGM

Contract with money + account name up

transfer started

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Transfer completed, thank you very much

Closed at the request of the OP :slight_smile:

Fly safe o/

ISD Bahmut