WTS 188mil SP Supercarrier pilot

  • Located in high sec
    Character Sheet
  • Positive wallet
  • Standings positive
  • No kill rights
  • NPC Corp
  • No jump clone
    Start price 130bil
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125B Offer

Please post which Titan skillbooks are injected ? The character sheet doesn’t show trained Titan skills.

Sry! Supercarrier pilot




mail sent. 140bil

141bil But I can’t make a payment until after December 1st. :saluting_face:


150b offer - good for 24 hrs

@samele_QF Last bid accepted. I am awaiting funds and information

I have transfered 150B ISK Ghostly Annihilat0r and have sent the account name for transfer. thanks

@Ghostly_Annihilat0r Excuse me
When to start the transfer


Hello friend, if you are online, please reply to the information, otherwise it will be submitted to the game official processing!

Closed for further investigation.

@samele_QF please place a Ticket on our Support Website and provide as much information as you can, so a Game Master could help you out.