Misfits Alliance [I-FIT] - Escape Regimented Mentality

You will fit right in, so BS with us on our public channel, Misfits Public, or our boosted Discord.

As in the title, Misfits are an industrial Alliance. However, we do fight to protect our own and for a good cause.
Misfits Alliance zkillboard
FYI, said fight. Nothing was said about our ability. :grin:

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Misfits follow the philosophy of NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot). In addition, we are on good terms with the citizens of Providence null-sec and many of our members help defend the interests of the ProviBloc coalition. Long may it ENDURE!.

Interested in being interested, can you contact me in game?

I shall.

What are you? Evewho has damn near infinity listing your name

What is that? And I am just a guy in a pod…???

Will look u up in game fascinated. Be on in 30 mins

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Can’t at work atm… 1700EST is best I can do…

Apex of Mining is Morphite. Join Misfits, where several members are near perfection in acquiring such rare minerals:

In addition, for those curious on how it works within ProviBloc.

Misfits is growing and looking for new, and not so new, corporations to grow within New Eden. There is security, and Fun, in numbers.

Misfits industrial infrastructure is growing. We can provide access to Hi-sec and Null-sec moon mining, refining and engineering structures. Plus, to move high volumes we have in-house freighter and Jump freighter capabilities.

Misfits Alliance provides weekly moon mining operations to members at no cost.

BS with us on our public channel, Misfits Public, or our boosted Discord.

Misfits Alliance wants you! To help build an Empire!

Join Misfits Alliance and rage against the powers that be within the Blue Donut! NRDS RULES!

This is the clean version. Find original to know our true views.

Misfits Alliance wants new and old “Bros” to build Empire!

Ruminate, chew the cud, with Misfits Alliance. Now available on Misfits Public, in game, and on boosted Discord.

PLUS, in Misfits you never have to pretend to be accepted.

Misfits Alliance exploring New Eden in search of the odd.