Missile, projectile, hybrid or what to prioritizing?


Last time play ratting in 2014.

I know, best way to have all max BUT… first need prioritizing 1 weapon like Light/Heavy missile, drone or other weapon.

I know that Missile is best for PvE mission and abyss BUT… it’s that true?? Im not realy like PvP NOW, maybe becaus low skill (10k, most drone for ratting)… i know, how “how many people so many ideas” but still must prioritizing somthing.
When i START GAME my target was “ratting and snipe drone” but it’s a little boring now (fight only drone)… don’t know, maybe too long break.

Now PVE it’s my prior so think Missile BUT still… artillery, long range… heh… and like i say, maybe future PVP so don’t wanna lose 5 month skill and then landing in PVP with “ohhh, why im so weak”.

My favorites are hybrid weapons, Railguns to be exact. I like ratting and missioning.
12 days wait for SP on Javelins, so using Federation Navy or Gurista Antimatter charge for now.
Ratting is good fun.

Weapon choice depends on a lot of factors.

Missiles for example don’t need to deal with tracking, can deal damage of any type (which means they are good against any type of rat) but damage isn’t applied immediately.

Drones are similar in that they can deal any damage type and don’t care about your own ships location relative to the target, need no ammo, but drones have travel time (or are stationary sentries) and can be attacked and killed.

Projectile weapons can shoot without needing capacitor which is nice if you’re up against heavy neut pressure. And the arillery weapons can deal very high ‘alpha damage’, which means slow but hard hitting shots, which can take down enemies before they have a chance to react or repair.

Lasers require very little ammo with their crystals, if you stick with T1 crystsls you can even use them forever, but even higher tier ammo lasts a lot longer than other ammo weapons.

Hybrids can deal a lot of damage up close with blasters.

And I’ve probably missed many more down and upsides of the weapon types.

Unless there’s a specific feature you want from the weapons, you could also look at ships and pick one you would like to fly and then train the weapon system that it is bonused for.

PVE, abyss and other pve content. Just don’t wanna train for example Heavy Missile if they are useless in PVP vs Rapid/Light/Torpedo… same with gun. Just don’t know… concentrate missile or guns… im not realy fan close combat so LOONG range sniper or missile… have enaught dronning…

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