Missing item volume in SDE?

Looking at: Capital Capacitor Booster II
type id is: 41493
In-game it says: 4km3, 1km3 packaged

The invTypes table says 4km3 - which is as expected
Since there is a packaged volume as well, i expected to find “1km3” in invVolumes.
But id=41493 is not there at all.

I am using sqlite SDE from the conversions page.

I have already seen this: Item Volume DB

I don’t think packaged volume have ever been in the SDE?
It is in ESI, though:
packaged_volume (optional - set for anything that have another volume packed)
Note I have only found it in the following categories (if you want to minimize your requests to ESI): Ship, Module, Celestial

EDIT: it’s not in the yaml files, so, I’m guessing it’s something Steve maintain himself

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I probably never added that to invVolumes. It’s a static table, not in the SDE from CCP.

I’ll try to remember to do it.

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