TypeIDs without names in SDE

I was poking through the latest SDE, and found a whole bunch of type IDs that don’t have an associated name.

If you put the TypeID into ESI, there are buy and sell orders for them. For instance, TypeID #48495. There 18 buy/sell orders for it in the Forge.

It’s in Market Group 2058, which is “Minmitar” but lacks a description. The other items in that group are all Hyena SKINs.

By process of elimination, it appears that #48495 is the Hyena Dawn of LIberation SKIN.

So is this a case of bad data in the SDE? Did CCP forget to include the names of the DoL SKINs in the latest SDE?

FWIW, I got my copy of the SDE from FuzzWorks.

It’s bad data. You can get the names from ESI.

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Sometimes it’s because the SDE is released before the name is applied to a type, or before it exists.

(sometimes it’s just a screwup on release)

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I encountered the same problem. It’s 130-136 items. Resolving the missing names via universe/names shouldn’t take long. All the other data is there (as far as I know).

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