Missing news in launcher

The latest news that are shown in the launcher are from the 30th of October 2017. Has nothing happend since then?
My launcher version is 1225328.2712 and I don’t use steam.

The MER got released today. Yesterday, CCP announced the contest for the mouse pad. The new community website announcement from the 25th is missing as well.

Go figure. Looks like, CCP_Avalon is wee bit overworked and CCP_Falcon not competent enough to manage the tools. :wink:

Earlier today I updated the source for the launcher news, it should now correctly reflect the latest news, dev-blogs, and patch-notes on eveonline.com/articles.

If the content doesn’t exist in your launcher’s locale (if you have French, German, Russian, or Japanese selected) you may expect to see the English variant of the article instead.

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