Mission grinders is recruiting-New pve corp for mains and alts alike (no app requirements)

Hello and good day, mission grinders is recruiting new and old players alike as of this moment we are a pve corp that has a sole focus of making ten man fleets and splitting the missions to raise standings with multiple corporations/factions. We are just starting out in the eve world and hope that players who would like to run missions and splits for multi standing grinding will join up. if you have any question feel free to hop into Missioner or send me an evemail

still recruiting

you cannot share faction standings unless you run epic arcs and the final mission is shared between everybody. The more you have in fleet, the less each pilot will receive in standings… Not sure how much you know about standings and diminishing standings and what not… Not trying to burst your bubble, hope you do well with this within your corp, and you arent the first corp to grind standings either…

me and another corpy tried this he said he got some, will have to double check but the idea is that your standings will be lower but you will get more than one kind

I run with the United Standings Improvement Agency. Because of mechanics CCP put in place, faction standings cannot be shared like corp standings in every day missions… even storyline missions don’t share faction standings.

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kk well time to close the corp and quit eve then, thanks for ruining my hopes and dreams :frowning: jk

I wasn’t trying to burst your bubble, but I didn’t want you to tell people you can raise faction standings when you cannot… Check out our website if you want http://www.unitedstandings.org/ might give you some ideas to help you out.

its okay but it kinda makes me not want to go with it since i was excited for the idea, im just gonna go do something else i guess

you can do what you want to do, 10 man fleets and doing multiple corp missions and such, you can check out the ships we use on the website to make it quicker… i’m just trying to help you out. but the 10 man fleets will be slower in raising standings, compared if you only do it with 2-3 in fleet.

to late resigned, gonna start a mining corp now and do industry stuff

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