Mission Running question

(Lamori Machai) #5

This might be a silly question but i just woke up and brain is still in bed. lol. How do you know its a burner mission over a regular mission? and how do you locate burner misssions so you can blitz them over and over? I glanced at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SAv6bnGM-5etLoPHxVtCsbsz8Q8feN5CFSEgUZclPLI/pub looks like a bunch of different ships are needed to have depending which burner mission you run. For someone who has never done them and never had much luck with acessing the test server what is best recomendation on where to start / go for best isk / hr ration on a burner mission? Thanks again for all the help.

(Orren Grund) #6

The mission will be tagged “anomic”, and the agent will also explicitly state that he won’t hold it against you (ie no standing loss) if you turn it down.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #7

imo there are 3 main differences between agents

  1. Agent system security status which affects LP payouts, most people try to find an agent in a 0.5 system for this reason
  2. Agent corp, There are a few different kinds of LP stores for each faction, these can have very different payouts. Look for a corp with high isk/lp payouts https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/lpstore/
  3. Constellation layout, typical missions can spawn anywhere in constellation, so most people try to avoid constellations with a bunch of lowsec systems, might also want to avoid constellations with a long pipe. And then burner missions can go to neighboring constellations.

Lanngisi is super popular for these reasons, it’s 2-3 jumps for almost every mission. The LP is super easy to convert, although due to the popularity it’s slightly lower in value. And the system is one of the lowest truesec 0.5s out there. The LP/hr should be high enough that it should be consistently one of the best mission hubs in highsec.

I’m surprised Siyi doesn’t see more traffic, it has pretty good conditions and has a lv4 Aliastra agent. Aliastra has fed navy web blueprints, and fed navy prop mods, it’s a really good lp store consistently over 2k isk/lp. Heck the Fed Navy tracking comp is 4800 isk/lp, and has some volume to back it up.

As far as low goes I’m not sure it’s worth it, but also not sure it isn’t. You can get a pretty big bonus in LP for running in low, might be able to get some nice income with blitzing in somewhat disposable ships. I’ve done some lowsec mission running (mainly to farm sec status) and well pretty much no one bothered me, but it was a pretty dead area and a bad LP store so I guess people probably weren’t even looking.

Then in null you get pirate LP stores, and even higher LP payouts. Not sure what the competition is like, but there’s a lot of room for profit.

(elitatwo) #8

Which belongs to the Gallente Faction. This will tank all your Caldari and Amarr standing in a very short amount of time.
If you ever want to go to Jita or Amarr with this character, be careful with your standings.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #9

OH NOES STANDINGS! not the evil standings that don’t do anything in game!

If you don’t run faction kill missions constantly the standings hits are pretty weak. Cross run some amarr missions if you are worried about it. Amarr and Gallente are -2 to each other meaning the derived losses will be pretty small, you’ll probably end up positive to everyone as the minmtar really like gallente and caldari really like amarr.

PS: siyi is in amarr space so that should make finding an amarr agent pretty easy, hint there’s one 3 jumps away with consistent 2k+ isk/lp.

(Whitehound) #10

When you say “way to go” what other options are you willing to consider? Unless you can say what other options you have are missions the way to go. It can take 2-3 days to get back into it and into the right rhythm (until the memory of it all is fully refreshed).

Other options can be exploration with some of the new ships, but also ice mining currently pays pretty high followed by moon mining (now available also in high-sec), whereas asteroid ore is dead for now and the asteroid belts are pretty much void of players.

Then we have the new mining missions, where there is a whole guide about it.

We still have Incursions, which I haven’t done any lately, but I have also not seen any changes being mentioned. So I’m going to assume these pay as usual and are still better than L4 missions.

Then there are the events, which depending on the type, can produce high amounts of ISKs and also more than L4 missions.

Escalations in high-sec do still occasionally yield a pretty nice deadspace item or two, but I have no idea how consistent one can make ISKs with it.

And latest addition are Abyss sites.

The list goes on …

(Anderson Geten) #11

I think it’s because http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Everyshore/Aclan#const and http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Essence/Villore#const are a tiny bit better in regard of true sec.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #12

could be, although that’s a bunch of lowsec in constellation, might have issues with mission spawns.

(Underwater Sunlight) #13

I fly a marauder, so don’t listen to anyone who says salvaging and looting is not worth it. I’d argue you’d be stupid not to, given this passive exercise occurs concurrently with clearing a room.

(Arthur Aihaken) #14

With a Marauder salvaging as you go is certainly more profitable than bookmarking and brining back a dedicated salvage ship (in terms of ISK/hour anyway). Some missions are inherently more valuable for salvaging than others, though.

(Anderson Geten) #15

“I do it so it’s good”.

What about the opposite then ? “you do it so it’s stupid”.

(Underwater Sunlight) #16

Definite basement dweller.

(DeMichael Crimson) #17


Agent location is the main aspect that affects mission reward payment. Basically for each 0.1 decrease in system security level from 1.0 down to 0.0 translates into a 10% increase in rewards. Mission rewards is the mission pay and the bonus time pay.

So going by that statement it would be:

System Security Level = Mission Reward Increase
1.0 = 0
0.9 = 10%
0.8 = 20%
0.7 = 30%
0.6 = 40%
0.5 = 50%
0.4 = 60%
0.3 = 70%
0.2 = 80%
0.1 = 90%
0.0 = 100%

That’s pretty much it. I don’t know if it keeps scaling like that for Null Sec systems with negative security levels. Hopefully the reward increase continues to escalate. Course there’s various Social skills that will increase those amounts.

Negotiation skill increases the mission reward by 5% per level trained. At level 5 that’s an extra 25% increase.

Social skill increases the standing gained to NPC agent, corporation and faction standing for mission completion by 5% per level trained. At level 5 that’s an extra 25% increase.

Agent Division skills, Security Connections, Distribution Connections and Mining Connections, increases amount of Loyalty Points by 10% per level trained. At level 5 that’s an extra 50% increase.


(Anderson Geten) #18

That’s false. You don’t start at 0 for truesec 1.0.
The gain from 1.0 to 0.5 is ACTUALLY around 79%

(DeMichael Crimson) #19

The reward from running missions for agent in 1.0 security system is the baseline that all other system security levels are increased from.

In other words, there is no increase in rewards from agents in 1.0 security system.

(Anderson Geten) #20

nope. I don’t know what gave you this idea, and it seems you did not check it.

(DeMichael Crimson) #21

If you have any proof to the contrary then post it.

Otherwise just sod off.

(Sinjin Pava) #22

I’ll say that the mechanics that DeMichael described are reflective of the conventional wisdom that has been quoted for years in the forums. I can’t find a definitive source for it other than a vague reference to some unknown podcast in which a dev supposedly said it, but I also can’t find a reference to some other formula. Anderson’s post is the first time I’ve seen it disputed. Just because it’s conventional wisdom doesn’t mean that it’s actually the correct answer, but it’s not some crazy theory that’s being floated for the first time.

It would be an interesting exercise to actually plot the mission rewards from various truesec systems and calculate the underlying formula. I think it could even be done on SiSi. Maybe somebody’s done that already, but I can’t find a reference to it.

(Anderson Geten) #23

I did it, on sisi to have an idea, then on tq on mining, burners, standard L4 missions, both in HS and NS. I have a model that is 99% accurate for what it models. I still need to refine the model though.
Just, I did not publish my result. I however can say that people like DMC are annoyingly wrong and participate in the propagation of false things. He just affirm something random and tell people that they have to prove that it is not correct - but nope, it’s HIS claim so HE must prove what he affirm. What HE is doing is claiming false things so other people will make the effort this jackass is not willing to provide.

Just like what he was affirming about faction standing share was wrong, which had already been worked out, tested, and acknowledged by CCP, and he already had been corrected but instead of making the effort to find out by himself he instead kept affirming things he had no idea - just as this, what he affirmed here is false, has been tested, and proven wrong, and I already corrected him on this point. But he keeps affirming false things without any proof of what he affirms and even when people told him he was wrong.
Next time he will call me a cheater again.

Now you know what ? IT’s this guy that makes me not want to share what I found out. Because typically he is the one spreading false information and expecting efforts from other people.
On the other threads I participate ( eg mining missions) I do give the numbers I find out, the agents that are interesting, the fits I thought of, because people are sharing. This guy is just trolling.

Now if HE wants to believe that his formula is the correct one, then I don’t care. However to other people reading him, I say : this guy has no clue what he is talking about, if you trust him blindly you gonna be wronged.

(Eternal Montage) #24

According to the Uniwiki

LP reward = (1.6288 - System security) × Base LP

So according to this formula, in a 1.0 true sec system you’d be getting 62.88% of base LP, which actually puts the base somewhere around .6 or something.

I’m no math genius, someone help me interpret this. I’m not smart enough.

Edit: So it would look something more like this (correct my if I’m wrong):

1.0 = 62.88%
0.9 = 72.88%
0.8 = 82.88%
0.7 = 92.88%
0.6 = 102.88%
0.5 = 112.88%
0.4 = 122.88%
0.3 = 132.88%
0.2 = 142.88%
0.1 = 152.88%
0.0 = 162.88%

I have no idea why they did it this way, or if it’s even correct, not that it really even matters.