Mission Running question

If you have any proof to the contrary then post it.

Otherwise just sod off.

I’ll say that the mechanics that DeMichael described are reflective of the conventional wisdom that has been quoted for years in the forums. I can’t find a definitive source for it other than a vague reference to some unknown podcast in which a dev supposedly said it, but I also can’t find a reference to some other formula. Anderson’s post is the first time I’ve seen it disputed. Just because it’s conventional wisdom doesn’t mean that it’s actually the correct answer, but it’s not some crazy theory that’s being floated for the first time.

It would be an interesting exercise to actually plot the mission rewards from various truesec systems and calculate the underlying formula. I think it could even be done on SiSi. Maybe somebody’s done that already, but I can’t find a reference to it.

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I did it, on sisi to have an idea, then on tq on mining, burners, standard L4 missions, both in HS and NS. I have a model that is 99% accurate for what it models. I still need to refine the model though.
Just, I did not publish my result. I however can say that people like DMC are annoyingly wrong and participate in the propagation of false things. He just affirm something random and tell people that they have to prove that it is not correct - but nope, it’s HIS claim so HE must prove what he affirm. What HE is doing is claiming false things so other people will make the effort this jackass is not willing to provide.

Just like what he was affirming about faction standing share was wrong, which had already been worked out, tested, and acknowledged by CCP, and he already had been corrected but instead of making the effort to find out by himself he instead kept affirming things he had no idea - just as this, what he affirmed here is false, has been tested, and proven wrong, and I already corrected him on this point. But he keeps affirming false things without any proof of what he affirms and even when people told him he was wrong.
Next time he will call me a cheater again.

Now you know what ? IT’s this guy that makes me not want to share what I found out. Because typically he is the one spreading false information and expecting efforts from other people.
On the other threads I participate ( eg mining missions) I do give the numbers I find out, the agents that are interesting, the fits I thought of, because people are sharing. This guy is just trolling.

Now if HE wants to believe that his formula is the correct one, then I don’t care. However to other people reading him, I say : this guy has no clue what he is talking about, if you trust him blindly you gonna be wronged.

According to the Uniwiki

LP reward = (1.6288 - System security) × Base LP

So according to this formula, in a 1.0 true sec system you’d be getting 62.88% of base LP, which actually puts the base somewhere around .6 or something.

I’m no math genius, someone help me interpret this. I’m not smart enough.

Edit: So it would look something more like this (correct my if I’m wrong):

1.0 = 62.88%
0.9 = 72.88%
0.8 = 82.88%
0.7 = 92.88%
0.6 = 102.88%
0.5 = 112.88%
0.4 = 122.88%
0.3 = 132.88%
0.2 = 142.88%
0.1 = 152.88%
0.0 = 162.88%

I have no idea why they did it this way, or if it’s even correct, not that it really even matters.

it’s correct.

0.5 mult / 1.0 mult = 113/63 = 1.79
so +79% by going from 1.0 to 0.5…

which means that the “baseline gain” if you WANT to use that word is for a .63 truesec system, not a 1.0 (I use .63 in my formula)

Wouldn’t it be 113 - 63 = 50%

no it would not.

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That may be the formula for LP’s but it certainly doesn’t apply to mission reward payments.

Since Anderson can’t provide any official literature or a simple formula to back up his claim, I won’t accept anything that uncouth primadonna has to say, especially when he claims that everybody else for the past 15 yrs is wrong and he is right. You can believe him if you want.

As for sharing Faction Standing from epic arcs, when first implemented it wasn’t possible. Then with the ‘Agents Made Easy’ expansion there was supposedly a bug that allowed Epic Arc Faction Standing increase to be shared. After that for the longest time no Faction Standing increase from the epic arcs was given, players had to submit a petition to receive it and if in a fleet, the Faction Standing increase wasn’t shared. Eventually there was a statement made in Patch Notes that the bug had been fixed. Obviously CCP couldn’t fix it and without making an official statement about it, just started allowing it to be shared. I recently sent in a Support Ticket and asked about it and according to CCP, they will allow it as long as it isn’t abused.

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And you were calling me, who told you were wrong, a cheater.
That’s how low you are.

No, I claim YOU have became arrogant and spreading misinformations.
age is not the same thing as knowledge.


@Anderson_Geten So I had to watch a video to comprehend it. Like I said I’m not great at math. It seems like what I found was the percentage point change and what you found was the percentage change. Absolute vs relative change. So… I wasn’t wrong. There’s just two different ways of looking at it.

Indeed, you misused percentage and points.
If you talk about the evolution of a percentage, it’s “point” .

A percentage increase/decrease is just a multiplier applied to a base value. However, sequential percentage modifications are applied MULTIPLICATIVE way, ie +100% then +100% is actually an increase by +300%
On the other hand, points modifications are applied in a ADDITIONAL way, so you ned to use the correct one otherwise you are using the wrong terms.

So yes, you were wrong. If you don’t understand this, take the time to read the wiki page I linked again, it’s very concise and precise.
short reminder : if you change a value, expressed with the same base , then it is a point increase. eg if I go from 70% applied DPS to 50% it’s a decrease of 20 points of applied DPS.
now if you change the value, and express the new value only based on previous value, then it’s a percentage increase : if I go from 70% DPS to 50% DPS, I lose 20/70 = 28.6% applied DPS.

If you misuse percentages and points, it’s the same as saying “mices” and “elephants” are the same because they are the same animals. Obviously people at the airport won’t agree with you.

I believe I was incorrect. “Wrong” goes a bit far.

Not correct or true; incorrect.
‘that is the wrong answer’

Is your goal to make people not like you?


you were wrong. Now if you can’t accept that it’s not my issue.

The funny part is, you accept you don’t understand mathematics. So why can’t you accept you were wrong ?

Whatever, I feel like I’m losing my time here.

Go outside?


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