Missions and ISK

And you’re literally stating something as fact which is actually based on your own biased experience.

Like I said before, doesn’t matter what you say.

I’m waiting on anderson to affirm that your “plan” doesn’t work.

Unless your “tests” involved other people anderson, then there is no verifiable proof that there is or isn’t a difference in standings for the agents on what missions. maybe the pool is different and you get certain ones more often, but unless you make a test with several other pilots other than yourself and your alts, then the test is biased in your favor.

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Shhh, don’t give em any ideas.



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No, the group makes that amount, and it gets split.

1 bill split in group of 4-5 is still way more than average 100 mil per hour solo running lvl4 missions and as far I know dreads in wh make way more than 1bil/h.

Solo c3 is even more isk than missions especially when SOE LP is way below 2k isk.

Anyway I just wanted to give general idea about how good wh is for pve while still having some excitement from not having almost perfect safety.

I make on average 300mil per hour doing lvl4s in highsec with 1 account I know it’s impossible to fathom for some of you but as long as you keep following other people’s ‘‘guides’’ and instructions on how to play the game ''optimally ‘’ you’ll continue being a sheep and never develop your own more lucrative niche.

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I mean scroll down a few posts and you’ll find a guide that gets you 90% of the way, not like it’s been some big secret for the last 4 years.

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sure when you have sites available, hole control, and a whole bunch of stuff in place. I’m way too lazy to deal with scanning all that stuff down when I can pretty easily make 200-300mil/hr per account multiboxing burners.

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1: do not factor in LP , most of these runners are factoring in the LP they gain , that means you have to spend isk to get the LP ITEM then sell it on the market , that sale may take an hour may take a day - week month couple of months , so what they are saying is not exactly true when they say " oh i make 300 million and hour "

Reword your question like this " how much do you make from bountys in an hour without blitzing burners doing level 4 missions and not selling LP "

2 i do full clear on missions and can tell you hand on heart i barely break 30 mill on a mission with just bountys, some missions i make less than 5 mill , yes these are lvl 4 missions

LP you have to spend the isk you earn to get the lp items then sell them on the market but the market is ever changing , that means your cheap bargain implant you placed on the market will be undercut by someone else so you end up babysitting market orders to keep ontop of of the 1isk lower item that someone placed to bump yours down the list.

these 300 mill an hour runners dont tell you the whole truth , YOU DO NOT MAKE 300Mill an hour , you make around 20-30 mill an hour if you are lucky and that fully depends on the mission you pulled, then dont forget the salvaging and looting of those missions thats another 10-30 mins work .


I make all my values to direct sell order. That is, I buy stuff at SO price in jita, sell it at BO in jita, and consider taxes in my value of isk/h.
I actually have several items in BO (eg the tags) but I still consider the prices of the SO, with a large quantity of LP volume (1M LP) . So when I cash in it’s for several hours of farming.

I can’t speak for the others but I know that my evaluation is always conservative.
Also I have programs that tell me what is the best mission running agent with the value of the market, so I don’t waste my time running for a worthless agent (I made ONE mission for SOE in lanngisi, and it’s because I wanted to compare values of missions with my predictions)

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I’ve never done level 4 missions, but seeing this post really puts things in perspective. And gives me a more sane idea of what I can expect.

Too many people ignore or underestimate time spent scanning, hauling, researching when they calculate and report isk per hour.

On the other hand I saw a lot of people that make correct math without bragging about their money. Mostly because they know that if they brag bout it, other people will do it and will reduce their income.
Sadly bot devs know how to optimize this and are already reducing the incomes.

That’s why I generally give a range, my last tracked run was over that range but that’s with max skills, sell orders, and a few optimizations I never posted. Someone with lower skills and selling to buy orders is going to be near the bottom of the range if not a bit under.

eh, been posting about it for years and seems most people complain about how they can’t do it or I’m lying rather than going out and doing it.

I’ve never had a problem selling my LP goods and if I did I could recalculate and use buy order pricing. And yes it can cost a lot of isk to buy lp items but I get all that isk back when I sell it and more isk for the LP value.

I’ve watched your stream a bunch and I like it as it’s relaxing and pretty helpful for newer players, but your ship choice leaves a lot of isk on the table. Also not cherry picking missions leaves a lot of isk on the table.



for simple come-shoot-rewarded, yeah it is.

if you start doing extra preparation and other stuff to maxing the income, then other means to make ISK will be much better.

Like nullsec bloc. You need to join them, obey their pings, and learn to read intel for the preparation when ratting/mining.

Low sec lv5 mission running, you need to get separate ship ready in each possible system. So you wont get caught at gates with bling PVE dread.

High level WH site running, you gonna need multibox solo fleet. Oh, and roll the holes every time you about to run the stuff. Then haul the stuff to sell them.

Highsec incursion are still considered the best in highsec. Medium/high tier of filament are also a choice depends on your taste on the risk.

Market will fetch you huge ISK, if you know what you doing. There is a blog I follow that trying to do some hub trading. He says the yield are like 15%. from tens of billion that is. He is halfway to the hundred right now.

Tho, LV4 missioning is the most relaxing. My MJD rattlesnakes with sentry and auto targeting cruise missile is my favorite. Got two toons using them on a mission, and just watch the firework I done to the NPC. Im not thinking about ISK when I do this, I already have my trusty explorer ship for that.

Tho if we talking about min-maxing lv4 mission, you might want to start reading about blitzing and burners.

2 words: Standing Boosters

if its a popular corp like caldari navy, everyone runs it and cashes out on the lp store so it drops to almost no profit. you have to find corps people usually dont run fun and see if there are items that people would buy

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