New things in Missions?


I have been out of the game for some time.
Whats new around missions lately?

How much ISK per hour would you guess is normal income for doing missions in high-sec, with a 100m SP character?

Used to run quite allot of missions before to earn my ISK, but cant even remember what i used to earn and i want to know if mission is still a viable?

yesterday you could blitz some amarr mission in jarshitsan or something like that and do a bit, since the LP store was worth 3k5 isk/lp (to direct orders, after tax - lpstore was showing 3.7k).
that means that doing simple missions you could do 50k lp/hour, meaning 180M/h from LP only. Of course if you full clear each mission and accept the very long missions then you will make a lot less.

(there was other agent that should theorically be better than jarshitsan but since it has lowsec around in practice it’s worse)

But usually it’s a lot less, still you can save your LP for interesting offers, 2k+ isk/lp is something that happens frequently.

Yeah, income can actually vary wildly depending on whether or not you run missions against the 4 major empires, and whether or not you blitz them or do full clears. So, you can make good money doing them, but many people make garbage money with them. It’s up to you and how much effort you want to put into them. Also, do note that many missions will likely get much harder thanks to the surgical strike update. So you might want to roll with extra tank to compensate.

Also, there are some new ways to make money (i.e. the Abyss, Invasions, Emerging Conduits), and always recommend incursions to everyone. So, if you don’t particularly enjoy doing missions, you should definitely look into other PvE opportunities.

Last time i ran missions i barely had to really tank anyway… well not in a golem or rattlesnake… the burner missions will probably be harder for some not running some weird fit… was able to run a few in an enyo but since they blanket nerfed the whole classes speed i just dont bother roaming syndicate for them anymore.

Well, with the new lower resistance nerfs, missions became much harder. Throw in the buff to ganking cats and your mission boats are going to have a much rougher time. The missions are still doable, but you need to be far more aware (a good thing) of what is going on, since any safety margin of armor/shield you relied on in the past is now gone. Did a Blockade in my Kronos which handled it , but would have had major problems if a half dozen cats dropped in for a visit. Having your tank nerfed hard in a Marauder really is killing the ship class. The Void buff of 15% is generally not very helpful, since the NPCs often orbit far outside any effective range of that particular ammo. Using a Bastion module to help make up the resistance nerf means you are stuck for 11+ seconds (warp out time) + <60 seconds before you can leave; you guess wrong in the PvE about handling the incoming damage and let the bastion cycle once more and you may be destroyed. Can’t survive very well without a bastion (ie, moving through the enemy), since the innate resistances are too low.

Best you can do now is either way over tank any ship running L4s or take a break and hope for a partial revert of the nerf or debuffing of the NPCs. Now if we could have one of our data experts calculate ship losses for a week prior to the change and what they end up the week after and compare them.

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CCP was talking quite a bit of balancing out the risk vs reward of making isk in the game. Honestly, I’m glad they went the route of making mission running more dangerous, rather than playing around with isk/drop payout for various PVE content in a janky fashion.

Feels more like EVE, at any rate!

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Yeah, the problem being that the huge PvE ISK faucets in EVE are all located in the null regions; just look at Oasa’s numbers, increasing 500+% in 4 months. This rebalancing , while needed as a concept, hurts the smaller players/groups in HS versus those most intended in NS. It does hurt the NS blocs, but they have made their bundles of money over the last decade and can weather any storm far better. Intelligent tweaking of the game is needed, but CCP has a horrible history of failing to both communicate and implement effective and fair quality changes. Watching the killboards in my systems, it went from 2-6 a day to well over 40, mostly ships most impacted by having their defenses greatly nerfed.

The days of mindless level 4 running are probably gone and that might be not a bad thing. However, the age of ganking and ruining many a PvE player is just starting to steamroll. Some will say this is great and I have to admit that increasing loss will help the game, but I think the area that will be most affected by the change is the one area not causing the huge inflation in power and wealth that CCP is trying to fight.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to just stop by and check on EVE for the next few weeks; there are plenty of other space games I can spend increased hours in. Not going to stop playing, just spend less time until the dust clears.

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What kind of tank are you running on your Marauder? I have always run Bastion plus a 4 slot tank consisting of DC, Energized explosive membrane, RAH, and deadspace LAR. I have so far seen no discernible difference in running emerging conduits, and Lv4 Recon and Lv4 The Score. But I’m trying to roll a Lv4 Blockade or Assault hopefully next few days to do a full stress test.

I am genuinely interested in hearing from other Marauder pilots as I am trying to make observations on the effects of the nerf to PvE between T1 and T2 ships.

EDIT: I am moving my query over to a more appropriate thread so as not to derail this thread any further:

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Just did L4 Angel Blockade in my no-bling T2 tank Vargur and it was a cakewalk.

So, this is interesting: it looks like Bastion Modules, Damage Controls, and Assault Damage Controls escaped the Nerf hammer. Which means this patch might be a relative buff to Marauders. HACs and Assault Frigs too, it seems?

Intriguing nudge to the ship meta, CCP…


There is nothing new in missions, they have remained largely the same for the past 13 or so years with very little change or addition.
If your Marauder or Rattlesnake cannot tank them id suggest looking at not being afk so much, fit more gank on your ship and you should fly through them.


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Reactive Armor Hardeners were not affected either. My fit for Kronos maybe lost 3% for only explosive, so hardly noticeable.

We might be on the same wavelength here. I was theorizing along the same lines I believe, that perhaps CCP sees an opportunity here to shift PvE more into the domain of T2 ships. And that may not be a bad thing, something they should have done long ago for good reasons.


That’s not how it works. If you go from 90% explo resist to 87% you take 30% more damage, therefore you 24% of your tank in explo.

If you mean that T2 ships can use no module and still have a good tank, you’re right.
T2 that where used with resist modules on the other hand are impacted just like another.


Sigh, people aren’t reading carefully enough.

Mission survival isn’t the problem when faced with just the NPC mission rats. My 4 module tank (2 T2 mission specific, 1 dead space EANM, and 1 dead space XL armor rep) still works fine. Can notice more armor damage, but the reps handle it easy. The problem arises that with the Void increased damage, Cat ganker fleets have a much stronger chance of bringing you down, especially mid mission. The Void damage increase, while nice for the rare chance a NPC wave decides to get within 30km, is relatively a very minor buff to the Kronos, but a huge buff for those hunting one.

I always keep a supply of high level Hardshell to pop if I have to, but I have been doing that for a long time. My damage is between 1400 and 1800 dps, so gank isn’t an issue. Never go afk. Might drop a damage mod to add a DC as an extra precaution, but a bit reluctant at this stage. Perhaps change the EANM to a RAH. Bastion becomes critical for most mission success and , as I noted, the 60+ second being pinned down really hurts the ship as no matter how often I hit the scan button, I cannot do anything to react to an incoming gank fleet besides pop a drug and overheat.

Consider this a buff to Marauders?, no. Marauders have always had a problem finding a niche with CCP trying several times to balance the class. Perhaps having an emergency shut down for the Bastion to break the long wait at the cost of not being able to use it for 5 minutes. Add a T2 Bastion module option. Tweak some other feature, plenty of other options.

So mission survivability should not be a problem if you follow common sense practices, the issue arises when other outside factors decide to interfere. For a class touted as the premier mission ships, it has a huge weakness that the latest build highlights. It always existed, but now is even more glaring. Ah well, survive, adapt, overcome has always been a key element in EVE; I’m sure this isn’t any different. :thinking:

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Yes, yes, you are the master of numbers here on these forums, not gonna debate you about that. I was already aware of the exponential protection offered at higher resists and it’s been mentioned in other posts.

For my Kronos build, I have rarely seen it hit 90% resist, and even when it did, it was so ridiculously OP that my repper was hardly working. I have found that marauders are quite comfortable tanking PvE content in the 75-80% range, so I feel for Lv4 content, higher resists are just overkill for marauders. For Abyssal content and HACs, may be a different story, but we’ll have to see how that plays out.

Seems like we agree here.

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and I never claimed you did.

I claimed, using raw ppc is meaningless

This is really the least of my concerns. I enjoy the fact that high sec is dangerous, despite the hyperbole claims of it being carebear land, that’s what I feel makes high sec the most interesting area of EVE, and what keeps me coming back.

Will there possibly be more danger? Maybe, but great! You’re an EVE vet, I’m sure you know how to mitigate high sec risk, but for others… Remove the bling from marauders and fit all T2. Don’t have predictable playtime schedules. Jump 100km off warp-in. And if you are really really concerned, at the cost of some performance you can even make your marauder difficult to scan probe…

And if the nerfs do somehow prove disastrous, I’m sure the devs will figure something out. If anything, I’d argue that these new changes do bring more risk, and therefore the devs should buff Null, Scorch, etc… T2 ammo allowing us to finish sites faster. More risk, more reward, right??? I hope I can convince you to join me in this argument… :grinning:

Golem pilot. I use a straight T2 fit with 4 slot tank (though I have been considering dropping the Damage Control) being 2 mission specific hardeners, an X-L shield booster and a DCU (and a MJD which I guess counts…). Ran a few easier missions last night; nothing good came my way.

On Cargo Delivery (Serpentis), I just aim towards the can and away I go, busting rats all the while. I triggered the last spawn (3 BS, 4 Cruiser) about 12k from the can. Was losing shield quicker than I would’ve liked, so decided to enter Bastion Mode at 9k from the can. Really no problems, and likely didn’t need to enter Bastion Mode. Haven’t run Serpentis in the past, that I can remember, so can’t compare, but didn’t really seem any different in terms of damage.

For the other mission, was business as usual.


Just ran AE including the bonus room. Decided to remove a damage mod and replace with a high end DCU. No problems as usual, but noticed on arrival in Bonus room several combat probes on dscan. I bastioned up and noticed the armor damage was noticeably more ( not scary, just more). Also noticed a 7+ cat fleet warp into the area, but due to both AE having several gates and the last one being locked, I continued to finish. Fleet left the system after several minutes and i remained in the room, not bastioned, cleaning up.

Since running both The Blockade (Serpentis) and AE (and bonus room), I feel that most mission runners will have little problem adjusting their ships/fits for survival, but it will come at the cost of greater completion times ( and of course isk cost for new builds). As stated before, the greatest nerf to the Marauder (and to all ships depending on mod resistance) is the combination of resistance nerf combined with a 15% increase in damage to the gankers’ usually preferred ammo. Add the Marauder’s inability to be tactically flexible due to the use of the Bastion restricting movement options and mission running got a whole less relaxing…which may or may not be a good thing depending on why you are doing it. Either way, that damn “v” key will be getting a workout.


Thanks for the word-of-mouth, @Jerry_Falcone :smile:

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