What considerations has CCP made for PvE after Resist nerf?

I’ve finally come back to Eve after a full year away and I just read about the 20% reduction to resistance modules. Initially, I like this change, specifically for PvP and how it reduces the power of logistics.

Then I started thinking about how it’ll affect PvE. As someone who enjoys combat exploration and DED sites, a 20% reduction in resistance modules will potentially have massive and even devastating effects on PvE in Eve.

Hell, the increased difficulty of Lvl 4 missions, a mainstay of income for many players (particularly newbies), will even further reduce their attractiveness as a means of making Isk. They’re already mostly garbage for income, as it is, so making them that much more difficult by reducing tanking ability could cause a significant decline in that area of content and the player base. Hell, burner missions will potentially be absolute nightmares.

Have I missed something? Am I completely off base, here? What considerations has CCP taken in regard to PvE, whether it be Missions, DED sites, or otherwise? Will the resistances of Rats be affected by these changes? I don’t believe I’ve read anything that suggests this.

I fear that this will be another way for CCP to artificially direct players toward the content they want them to engage in (looking at you, Nullsec). It’s a sandbox game where you can go and do what you want, so long as it’s what they ultimately want you to do (or so it seems).

Idk. Let me know what you think.


PvE will be more challenging, its a good thing.


I think you’re misinterpreting the 20% reduction in resistance strength as a flat 20% reduction in resistance strength. And as a result, overestimating how much of a change this for PvE.

It is NOT:
50% resistance, minus 20%
Resulting in 30% Resistance

It IS:
50% resistance, minus 20% of that (10%)
Resulting in 40% Resistance

In actual game item terms, your Pithum A-Type Adaptive will go from 46.9% Resistances down to 37.52% Resistances, which is about the strength of the current Gistum C-Type Adaptive.

The overwhelming majority of PvE will be fine. If your fit is barely able to hold the difference between those resistance values, your fit is bad and you need to get a better one.

The only actual impact you’ll see are from the highest levels of PvE content, for example, Frigate T5 Abyssals.


You really do not want to know.



i think that you are Exaggerating

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Traditional PVE - missions, anomalies, DED sites - has been completely solved for a long time. This will force people to rethink their fits. Ships with a hull bonus to resists may become more popular. Battleships commonly used for mission running are receiving a 10% increase to base HP and a 30% scan resolution bonus which will largely offset the resist nerf. People with marginal fits may need to upgrade to faction or deadspace modules. The meta will adjust.


I cant think of a single level 4 mission that will become much harder because of this, with the small exception of burner missions


It seems like the hit to PvE was collateral damage, something the devs didn’t foresee. It would be nice to see if they can compensate for the changes, but I do agree with others here that the nerfs are minimal enough that most playstyles would adapt.

I don’t think the nerfs really hit new players that hard, as smaller ships usually don’t rely on resist tanks as much. The mid-level player may get hit hardest, the ones with solid ship and core skills, but not yet skilled in T2 weapons. Myself, I can just go back to rat specific hardeners, and with my playstyle, the buff to Void ammo will help clear the field faster to help mitigate incoming dps.

One of my concerns tho is that only the shortest range T2 ammo; Void, Conflagration, etc…, are the only ones getting buffed. Personally, I think the next ranged ammo; Null, Scorch, etc… should also be buffed to even the playing field for short range weapons.

How many people actually use a buffer tank in PvE if they can possibly avoid it? Raise your hands…

That’s what I thought. The hull resistance of say, an active shield tank ship may as well be zero because your whole build centers on clearing out a pocket before you run out of cap for your shield booster. If your fit fails to do that, for missions warping away and back is terrible for your isk/hour, and for combat sites in lowsec or below, it’s really quite dangerous.


For a shield tanked ship, I would say Enemies Abound 1 and Smash the Supplier just became a lot harder. Pity they’re about the most lucrative ones.

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You looked at how much that really is?

All it does is allows for is 1-3 extra hits before it’s gone, the resistance loose handles much more than this token piss poor bonus every can offer.

eg. Base HP’s

Apocalypse (currently); 7,000HP hull, 7,000HP Armour, Shield 6,000HP
Apocalypse (after update); 7,700HP hull, 7,700HP Armour, Shield 6,600HP
Armageddon (currently); 8,000HP hull, 8,500HP Armour, Shield 6,800HP
Armageddon (after update); 8,800HP hull, 9,450HP Armour, Shield 7,480HP
Abaddon (currently); 8,000HP hull, 8,500HP Armour, Shield 7,000HP
Abaddon (after update); 8,800HP hull, 9,450HP Armour, Shield 7,700HP
Leshak (currently); 8,000HP hull, 10,500HP Armour, Shield 3,500HP
Leshak (after update); 8,800HP hull, 11,550HP Armour, Shield 3,750HP

Of these only the Abaddon has any Resistance bonuses. so it suffers these less from the Resistance update.

And as you can see the HP bonuses in general only provide for a few extra hits, but nothing to write home about.

Especially if you take into account the extra damage taken after the update.

For example you’ll lose 5.66% off an A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane, so a single module that works out to be an extra 2.83% damage being applied in the best case (EM), or 4.528% worse case (EXP) on an Apocalypse Armour.

Any natural high resistances on a ship will be affected the least, but the lower resistances like Shield EM will be hit the hardest, and we all know Gatecampers and suicide gankers focus on EM damage already.

So the HP bonus helps next to nothing on BS, other ships without that 10% just became easier ganker targets. So much for CCP’s attempt of the last year of stopping gate campers and suicide gankers, they just made it even more easier to gank.


It should be noted that with each extra stacking of resistance modules and the Stacking penalties, this damage received will increase, that example given was only a single module with 100% effect.


You seem very high-strung.


add to that blockade and extravaganza, these currently require a high resist and active tanking to survive the waves of ships attacking. add in to that the fact the NPC now actively attack your drones.

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too much coffeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :wink:

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Range tanking is a playstyle not really affected by the nerf and can handle those missions. But if you are looting and salvaging, then yes, brick tanking is more efficient, but unfortunately affected by the nerf.

Players will be able to adapt, but as I’ve already mentioned, it would be nice to see some sort of compensating buff, more than just an hp buff, if these changes go through.


The fact that you think level4’s are piss poor income is part of the problem.

The resist nerf will make everybody a little less efficient during pve and that’s not a bad thing. And the least effected are new bros running low level missions with one or two meta resist mods.

Hopefully they don’t ‘compensate’ for pve.


The easy answer is that there was no consideration made for PvE

None. Zero. Nada.

Rise said straight out they are “monitoring”


Both of those are very trivial missions to run and not very challenging. I highly doubt this will impact those missions or any really. Smash the supplier is a snoozefest. Cmon.

People who claim that this will make no difference are completely wrong.

Any buffer or active shield fit with ONE invuls will lose 8% of its shield tank and 8% of its rep.

Even for L3s, a drake with two invuls will lose 14% of its shield tank AND rep. That’s true for ANY ship with two invuls.

If your fit had two PCT invuls it will lose 20.6% of its rep and shield tank.


I think i will just slap on a 2nd shield booster drop a dmg module on the lower to fit a thingy that helps recharge the cap.

I not sure if I even need to change my fitting for level 4 missions