Resistance change and returning players

Almost all of us take breaks and return, can you Imagine how many posts over then next few years are going to read something like this:

“I lost my rattlesnake in a L4 WTF”

Nerf NPC DPS to compensate for the resistance nerf, otherwise its years of returning players losing their ■■■■.

No more than the normal level of whining that we all do.


CCP even adjust burner missions without patch notes, so I guess…

Wise returning players start back at Lv3’s, and then ramp back up as they get their bearings again and adjust to any possible changes in their absence.

I understand the resistance nerf squashed many well thought out fits. It’s best to try to adjust as well as you can. Plus there are many builds for PvE that were not affected as much, such as T2 Ships that have higher natural resists. Try some of those as alternatives for now.

How many people’s Rattlesnakes are so poorly fit that this tiny change causes them to lose their Rattlesnake. A SHIP THAT COMES WITH EXTRA SHIELD RESISTANCE ALREADY THAT ARE NOT IMPACTED BY THE RESISTS NERF.

Caldari Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
4% bonus to all shield resistances

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I lost my rattlesnake to a level 4 mission before this change.


Sigh… all this guy heard was rattlesnake

Sigh… all this kid think is that 20% will make / break mission PvE.

Sometimes, I envy kids like you. Doing nothing but missions in Highsec, and the occassional L4 in lowsec (where your heartrate REALLY gets going because it’s so scary!).

But the fact is that this does not matter for the overwhelming majority of PvE. Even people running T5 Cruiser Abyssals have mentioned that they really don’t notice a significant different beyond needing to overheat once or twice more per room.

I’m ok with that.

Imagine being so negligent that you didn’t even notice your tank breaking in a level4.


well … who cares …

Well, to be fair, I try to fit just enough tank, and devote the rest of my fit to efficiency. Still, I think its silly not to at least scan over the dev blogs when returning from a break to a PvP centric game with a harsh death mechanic.

Oh, the humanity!

Wierd I could have SWORN I saw a reduction in NPC capabilities and FOB HP but I cant find it now.

Anyone or did I dream it?

Meanwhile I returned and found that these days you can comfortably do level 4s in a battle cruiser. Maybe you’re doing it wrong?

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It’s not decently acceptable to loose a Rattlesnake in a L4, even after this nerf…

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Some of my High-Sec Fits after Patch 18.04

Deep Space Transports - Impel (High-Sec)
Tank - Armor - HOT
Lost - 4,4% Armor Resist (TH)
Lost - 74,6% Armor EHP (broken)
Lost - 73,6% Total EHP (broken)

Industrial - Orca (Tank)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,2% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 33,3% Shield EHP
Lost - 28,5% Total EHP

Frigate - Pacifier (Travel)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 6,2% Shield Resist
Lost - 23,6% Total EHP

Pirate Cruiser - Gila (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,5% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 25,2% Shield EHP
Lost - 25,2% Shield Boost EHP/s
Lost - 18,1% Total EHP

Pirate Battleship - Nightmare (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,8% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 4,7% Shield EHP
Lost - 13,4% Shield Boost EHP/s
Gain - 2,4% Total EHP

Pirate Battleship - Rattlesnake (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,5% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 17,7% Shield EHP
Lost - 25,2% Shield Boost EHP/s
Lost - 10,1% Total EHP

T2 Battleship - Golem (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 7,3% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 22,9% Shield EHP
Lost - 22,9% Shield Boost EHP/s
Lost - 15,2% Total EHP

I’ve run L4s before and after the change in an active shield gila. I made no change in fit and other than running the repper maybe a bit more, the change has made no difference.

If you lose a Rattlesnake in a hi-sec L4 mission, you are doing something very wrong and would have lost it before the changes as well.


No, go away.


So the min/max crowd who has everything figured out to the last decimal place, from tank to DPS to ISK per hour, are going to find something a little off, find out there was a change, then feeling entitled to the way things were, rage and hurf blurf at CCP.

What’s new?


My experience as well.

Depends on the player, I suppose. I’m fairly confident I can tank L4’s even now. May be not AE bonus room level of tank, but certainly most of L4’s won’t be an issue.