How Much Tank did you lose with the Patch 18.04

Patch 18.04 is here …

How Much Tank … EHP or Resist did your old Fit lose with the change ???

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Some of my High-Sec Fits after Patch 18.04

Deep Space Transports - Impel (High-Sec)
Tank - Armor - HOT
Lost - 4,4% Armor Resist (TH)
Lost - 74,6% Armor EHP
Lost - 73,6% Total EHP

Industrial - Orca (Tank)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,2% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 33,3% Shield EHP
Lost - 28,5% Total EHP

Frigate - Pacifier (Travel)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 6,2% Shield Resist
Lost - 23,6% Total EHP

Pirate Cruiser - Gila (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,5% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 25,2% Shield EHP
Lost - 25,2% Shield Boost EHP/s
Lost - 18,1% Total EHP

Pirate Battleship - Nightmare (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,8% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 4,7% Shield EHP
Lost - 13,4% Shield Boost EHP/s
Gain - 2,4% Total EHP

Pirate Battleship - Rattlesnake (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 8,5% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 17,7% Shield EHP
Lost - 25,2% Shield Boost EHP/s
Lost - 10,1% Total EHP

T2 Battleship - Golem (PVE)
Tank - Shield
Lost - 7,3% Shield Resist (EM)
Lost - 22,9% Shield EHP
Lost - 22,9% Shield Boost EHP/s
Lost - 15,2% Total EHP


On my usual Skiff loadout running 3 x Invuln II’s I lost 9.6% total EHP. I didn’t bother to check any of the rest. You’ll lose a lot more EHP using overheat compared to normal use.


I only checked one ship before and after the Resistance nerf. Strange that the total estimated price for my fit was increased +7.14%

PvE T3 Loki Cruiser
EHP’s = -8.4%

Shield Resistance
EM = -5.1%
Therm = -6.8%
Kin = -6.8%
Exp = -5.1%

Before Resistance Nerf

After Resistance Nerf


I can be wrong but it seems to me that Tech II Modules have lost less resistance than the Faction and Deadspace ones.

Or CCP Buffed Tech II Modules before Nerfing them.

You aren’t wrong.
The change was 20%.

Modules with greater resistances before will be hit harder (lose more total resistance %), but all of them have been hit by 20%.

20% of a module giving 50% resistances is 10%, meaning 40% resistances after this patch (-10%).
20% of a module giving 25% resistances is 5%, meaning 20% resistances after this patch (-5%).

So if you want to look at it that way, yes, for T2 modules (as ones already giving less overall resistances), losing 20% of their strength impacted them LESS than Faction/Deadspace modules, where losing 20% of their strength results in a bigger drop.


I’m sorry I don’t have hard numbers. For my Kronos fit I have always only used Bastion plus a four slot tank consisting of DC, Energized Explosive Membrane, Reactive Armor Hardener, and a deadspace LAR as my tank. So I’ve only lost a small fraction on resistance for explosive.

Just ran a Lv4 Assault(Serpentis) today, where the first room has high incoming dps and can really stress even a marauder’s tank, for which I usually only agro half the room at a time in case of visitors, and it’s always as I remembered, tank held very nicely.

I’ve also ran emerging conduits as well and seen no detectable change.

Also going to try out my Vindicator and Vargur when I get the chance to compare armor vs shield vs T1.

I am genuinely interested to hear from other pilots on their observations comparing T2 vs T1 ships. At least a few of us have suspicions the devs may be seeing an opportunity to push PvE more into the realm of T2 ships, which may be a good thing.



This was the proverbial last straw for me, so I’ve decided not to pay for a subscription or drop ISK on PLEX until CCP stops catering to the sadists and sociopaths who get their kicks by trying to ruin the game for folks like me.

As an alpha, I can’t fly anything worth flying, and as I don’t care to be a target in this engineered bloodbath against PvE players, I’ve got no tank left to speak of.

Joshua was right:

“A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

Chatbox Online is free. I recommend that every PvE enthusiast nerf CCP’s bottom line.


The severe nerf to resistance modules is NOT something the players want. The bigger issue is CCP’s indifference to the players. The nerf itself is very bad, but the larger issue is the change that we have seen since the arrival of Hurricane Hilmar - CCP is so tired of player complaints that they no longer really care. The attitude problem is why I just unsubbed.


I noticed that when boosting shields with the orca all resists rise except the EM this is on the orca as well as the skiff if I boost with out turning on the adaptive invols the resists go up but as soon as I start the invols the EM is the same as without boosts any one have the same issues

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I do not wish to be pointlessly rude. But no one cares, you’re not special and the game isn’t made just for you. I’ve read this after after every patch since 2003 because someone will always have something to moan about when you change something.

As a current PVE player I do not see in which way this hurts me at all. PVE has always been ‘easy’ and this has made the game no harder to me. I honestly don’t know what you do or how badly you fit your ships for this change to matter to you as a PVE’er


And the same can be said for you too, nobody cares that you don’t care what the other player posted. Also if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have posted a remark directly to him.

Since you’re such a PvE expert, how about you stick to the thread topic and post your ship stats instead of posting antagonistic remarks intended to flame and demean other players.


Well first of all my post was referencing a simple fact. That posting that you have unsubbed means nothing and does nothing. It clearly also doesn’t help the thread along. So asking me to stick to topic after someone else has already derailed the thread is unreasonable.

Also I didn’t imply I didn’t care. I was implying CCP doesn’t care. I care about the level of ego it takes to think that posting that you unsubbed will do anything. It doesn’t. I care because it derails a thread with a decent question and purpose.

Also I never called myself an expert, my point was quite the opposite. Im saying PVE is so easy you have seriously get something wrong even after the patch to stuggle in PVE. I even asked for a fit which seems very on topic to me. So I or someone else can point out were they are going wrong. The fit must have a massive flaw to fail at PVE.

Also posting an antagonistic reply isn’t the same as actually starting trouble. If you no longer like a game and no longer wish to pay for its services is completely personal and fine. Once you go public which such a statement (in a barely related thread) it becomes antagonistic. Towards the creator of the game and the community as a whole. By making such a post you’re either trying to get other people to unsub as well or to blame them for not agreeing and staying subbed.

There is nothing helpful to anyone to make such a post.

That is skipping over all the untruths in the post it self. There is obviously no ground or truth to calling anyone a sadist or sociopath without merit. Also they did not lose a 100% of their tank as suggested. As an Alpha I cant fly anything worth flying has no merit either. Futhermore calling it an engineered bloodbath against PVE players is also factually untrue. If anything was engineered at all, it was the PVP players that are taking the brunt of the blow. And I got no tank left to speak of, again has to relate to a fitting error of some sort. The few procent lost can only imply they barely had a tank to begin with. Numbers don’t lie, the change wasn’t that big.

Free speech and own opinions are a beautiful thing, but in our current world. Without getting to political. We are way to accepting of people saying things that are simply not true. Free speech and own opinion end were the falsehood of someones statement can be easily proven. So responding to that is a civic duty in a civilized society.


I really don’t care to read your giant wall of text but this part definitely got my attention:

As a paying customer he has the right to voice his opinion about the product and or service he’s receiving. In fact everyone who pay’s for this game service has the right to voice their opinion about the product. However that doesn’t give others the right to personally attack them for it, especially when their opinions aren’t being directed to a specific person.

Claiming that you have the right to personally attack him for his opinion because he posted it in a public thread is just plain bullsh*t. You don’t go around and verbally attack people in public because they say they don’t like the same food or drink as you. In my opinion only internet trolls use that excuse so they can demean and shame others in order to feel better about their own sorry-ass lives.

And yes, I’m posting my opinion because you posted your opinion because he posted his opinion, all of us posting off-topic now due to not ignoring somebody who needed to vent his frustration. Course this is now derailing the thread. To keep this from turning into a flame war I’ll concede my point and say you’re right and I’m done replying,


I’m hearing a bunch of people say, “I joined a game where PvP can be forced on me and I want the game to be changed because I’m a PvE player and I don’t like the game as it is.”

My response: go back to whatever MMO you came from. Seriously, ganking is a reality of Eve, I’d go so far as to say it’s a core part of Eve. I don’t buy a Shadowrun game and then complain about how cyberwear reduces my magic potential. Why? Because it’s a core mechanic of Shadowrun.

And before people go blasting me for defending bankers, let me be clear: I think they are low tier content creators; but, at least they are creating content.


Free data on how this changes people’s fits and play styles is very useful. Your whole post was pointless, not just the rudeness.

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Careful what you wish for. Eve is already a very niche game and the number of players had been steadily dropping for a while before the pandemic.

Attitudes like this are exactly why Eve’s community has such a deserved reputation for being toxic, mean-spirited and trollish.


Great job cherry-picking. Its not mean-spirited, nor toxic, nor trollish. Toxic is someone who expects a game to change one of its core mechanics/elements to fit their desires. Notice the word change. A new player asking for a game to change for their wants is damaging because it can chase away veterans who are already invested in the original mechanics of the game.

If you’d like to see the end results of this sort of behavior, look no further than Star Wars Galaxies. While the holo-grind and then Jedi village did some damage to Star Wars Galaxies, the final blow was the New Gaming Experience. To give you the short version of what happened:

SWG was a open sandbox game with 30+ professions you could invest up to 250 skill points into. All the professions were interested and the different types of playstyle (traders/crafters, social, and combat) were all inter-linked and needed one another. Crafting was so important that good armor and weapon crafters were more famous than the best PvPers on their server. Then, World of Warcraft happened and it got its millions of subscribers. In an attempt to get those same sub numbers, Sony basically ordered Sony Online Entertainment to make SWG more like WoW and they introduced the NGE (New Gaming Experience/New Gaming Engine). Gone were the 30+ professions and player created equipment… replaced by like 8 professions (6 of which were combat) and a loot driven system where loot drops were so much superior to crafted that crafting died off. The sub numbers plummeted… and SWG never got its sub numbers back up to where they were prior to the NGE.

I’ve seen what catering to new players and trying to get new players into an older MMO can do; it kills it.

As I’ve said in other threads: not every person is meant for every game. I’m not a Pokemon fan and thus I don’t play Pokemon… I don’t start playing Pokemon and then go on the Pokemon Go forums (do they even have those?) and request (I’ll be polite) they make changes to cater to someone who doesn’t like those style of games… just because I’m ‘new’ and they should do what I want to keep me invested…

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Why don’t you stop shitting in this dude’s topic and make your own, if you want to preach.

On topic: I lost 17% EHP. It sucks and I hope it gets changed back.


This company is ruining this game. First they made medium and heavy drones useless, I was able to get around that sort of but now they ruined shields…I seriously dont know what they are thinking its miserable. The useless events and useless rewards are definitely not helping the situation either. They are very lucky people are stuck at home these days…