How Much Tank did you lose with the Patch 18.04

I have no pre-nerf numbers. However, figured I’d update from previous post, now that I’ve taken the Vargur and Vindicator out. I’ve stress tested the Kronos more, and it remains as tanky as it was pre-nerf.

The Vargur now has resists of 74-83 while bastioned post-nerf. Which is still pretty solid considering I run a brawler fit, only 3 slot tank (4 if you count the cap battery), all T2 except for deadspace LSB. EHP and rep losses are probably equivalent to OP’s Golem, so maybe 15-25%. Stress tested fit in Lv4 Angel Extravaganza Bonus Room, tank was breaking without bastion, but slow enough that if I needed to warp out, had plenty of time. Activating bastion, shield booster wasn’t even working hard thereafter - Vargur still overkill for high sec PvE.

Vindicator was taken down a peg. Tried emerging conduit pre-nerf, full tank fit as an Alpha could complete even with the hardest final spawn of almost all kikis with some micromanaging cap and dual reps. Post-nerf, can barely survive the same spawn, without going into hull, even with Omega skills. Unfortunately(? :sweat_smile:) I can’t drop back down to Alpha to verify, but I suspect Alphas will now have trouble with this content using a Vindicator at least.

Still gonna try out more T1 battleships for comparison as time permits, may update again later unless players show they are over the nerf…


The hulls lost nothing. The modules did.

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Yes, the nerf was on modules, but each type of battleship fits the modules differently in type and quantity. My posts are in regards to testing that relationship of battleships and their fittings combined, and how they were affected overall for high sec PvE content.

We have hard numbers calculated on how much resistances were nerfed in modules. But from that, everything is only theoretical. I figured some field testing was needed to actually see how those numbers affected the vessel as a whole by running actual content.

So far, effects on T2 battleships appear to be small or negligible from my observations. T1 ships without bonuses to resists appear to be noticeably affected, but not game breaking. Ideally, next would be to test T1 ships with resist bonuses.


No. It’s mathematical.

Each module that adds resists made your ship lose a percentage of it’s rep with the patch. This percentage increases with the bonus of %resistance this module had.
If you had 2 invul T2 you lost 14% of your tank.
If you had TWO invuls PAT you lost 35% of your tank.
It all depends on the modules you have fitted.
It does not depend on the ship that was used. It does not depend on the bons this ship has (unless it’s a bonus to hardeners like the DST)

If you had no resist modules, you lost 0% of your rep.

It is theoretical as applied to actual field testing and any perceived difficulty or not in PvE content. I thought that was implied by my post.

I fully agree

people complain about inflation, supercap proliferation,stagnation, etc, but when CCP brings some changes to tank/moon mining/trading etc which will slightly alter their way of playing they complain. Hey why not just HTFU? adapt your fits, cooperate with some teammates to do some things you were previously doing solo, etc
You will complete a 10/10 in 45 min instead of 35 min? or you will need a teammate and share the loot? wow, so frustrating…

No, it’s mathematical, and practical.
You practically lose that percentage of your rep/tank.
You wrote “from the resistance loss, everything is only theoretical”. This is false. The loss in EHP/s is practical.

Why not STFU instead of claiming people don’t do that already ?

My skiff lost around 10K EHP and my rattlesnake lost about 25K so I am having to redo it’s defenses. I am not a big fan of active tanking but for my PVE ships it looks like I am going to have to go active tanker and I really don’t know how well I will do in PVP situations now. It isn’t like I am low skilled or anything. MY shields and armor skills are lvl 4 and 5 working to finish training all shield and armors into lvl 5 because of this update.

I have the skills to fly all the capitals and can actually fight with them but I just can’t afford them and I sure as hell am not going to get one with this update and seeing how they are trying to “make the economy better” and all that. I am mainly an industrial pilot and now it is getting harder to build and gather resources.

From where I am sitting all the recent updates don’t help at all they are just making it harder for smaller corps and pilots who work solo or in small groups.


All my specialised content cleaners with double X-Type Resistances for specific resist got dunked on :crazy_face:.


Added a moderate abyssal DCU, gained a metric crapton of tank with the patch.
10/10 for me.

Deimos lost some tank but gained a bunch of spank. Happy with that change too.


!!! Now that is alot of EHP What modules do you have on that ship?

Seriously What modules did you alter because I need to look more into the abyssal mutation if I can do something even remotely close to this for my PVE ships.

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You can tell if you look at the Defense stats

This is going to work best for ships with high structure values and lowslot for DCU. It is not going to work as well for your regular ships (shield/armor). That said, I added a LSE muta just because I had one sitting around (they are getting expensive). This ship has a fair bit of extra PG that can deal with a penalty in your mutaplasmid rolls.


This ship did not gain anything with the patch, only lost EHP b/c invul

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C’mon, you’re better than that.

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ho right I did not know bowhead was a freighter. I thought only freighters and BS got a buff in EHP.

Anyhow you did not gain a metric crapton, you literally gained 20% EHP. Actually less since the invul was reduced. Just a little bit less since the HP are in the hull and not in the shield.

For hull EHP, the DC mutation is very cheap. For 100M I got 50 mutated items. The longest part is to click"mutate".

They are a common drop in the EC sites.

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a DC T2 make my bowhead go 280k EHP.
among 100 DC mutated :

  • 13 gave more than 300k
  • 3 gave more than 305k
  • 1 gave more than 310k EHP (314k)

I could have tried with more but… it’s annoying.

Then with 2 ore bulkheads and 3 bulkhead T2 rigs it reaches 788k EHP.
so the loss of shield module resists was not really an issue for that one ship.

with two LSE and a 500MN it reaches 799.8k EHP. with a SM-705 implant :stuck_out_tongue:
(with T2 bulkhead it’s 778k)
edit : fitting two invuls reaches 800k EHP with the T2 bulkhead, 829 with the ore bulkhead

but still the increase from this patch is only ±20%

here are the values of the 100 mutations

■■■■ this I’ll do 100 more

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Supers and titans lost half of EHP, confirmed with many people and different ships/fits

I’ve got no tank left to speak of

Amen, father

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I lost 100% of my supers EHP, because I’m not allowed to undock now. Crap Game.