Where have rewards gone?

I used to run missions about 2 years ago and then went 100% mining/indy. Since mining got nerfed into the ground I figured I would run missions again. I just ran a level 3 mission and made less then 1,000,000 isk. The 1,000,000 isk is mission reward, bounties, loot, and salvage.

Did CCP nerf mission pay outs or bounties or the loot tables?

I have been reading the patch notes for 3 or 4 years and only under CCP Seagull did they nerf bounties/loot tables.

Where is the reward for risk a 82,000,000 isk battlecruiser?


Just think of the absolute joy you’ll feel once you run 82 missions without losing the ship.

It’s all gravy after that.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That’s what I was asking myself a few months ago but I realized that CCP has nerfed the ■■■■ out of this game so much that only a war could now be interesting to participate in. So, besides Destruction there’s not much left of all the careers and gameplays. Soon it won’t be EVE Online but Destruction Online.


We don’t know and they ain’t saying. Faced with CCP silence one can only fill in the blanks with own explanations.

Yes they did. The payout bounties caused an issue with certain nodes so decided to reduce or eliminate entirely for sake of game stability.

The reward is you still being able to log in.
You’re welcome.

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CCP knows how to stealth nerf and does it often.
CCP knows little about nerf buffing and does it …maybe?.


There is no risk in running lvl 3 missions. Unless of course you do it in low sec - then the possibility of pvp is it’s own reward.

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To be fair some LV 4 missions have really nice NPC bounty. My highest was like a 15mil tick in HS? Pretty good for HS honestly…

“Dread pirate Scarlet” Is a good example.

Haha!!! Oooookaaay

I have to agree. And yes, we can say that without breaking any rules.

And I am hardly anyone’s alt… Let the flagging fail continue.


You know they nerf everything. That’s the only way they make more money.


Doing missions isn’t CCP approved content.


How much loyalty points did you earn? I believe most of the reward came from cashing in LP for stuff and selling them.

Can you still make decent isk from L4 missions? That’s really the only reason I’ve been working through lower level missions. Now with a decent Praxis and days away from starting L4, I’m worried…

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Rewards are all right there in the game!
First rewards you get, is straight after u log in the game! :partying_face:

And after ofcuz, you can run 82 absolutely diverse security missions to earn back your battlecruiser. :point_right:

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Seems CCP is tired maintaining this game.:slightly_smiling_face: They want to develope other games that can give them more profit. Seems this game is nearly done. Just Hope that it can reach atleast 2 years more to complete a 20 years anniversary.

Stop talking nonsense.

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I think you’re in the wrong place.