Missions for player Corporations!

One of the first things that newbies ask when they join a corp is “what can I do?” This is also a question that new players ask themselves a lot after the career agent is done and it is something that many sandbox games struggle with.
When the opportunities of what can be done are endless many feel overwhelmed and end up not doing anything.

So, what I would like to see are Corporation Constructed Missions.

For example! A pvp Corporation could construct missions like

  • Get on grid with an enemy ratting ship in combat site in low, null, wh space
  • Get on grid with an exploration frigate in a relic or data site
  • Scan down 5 Wormholes (for a WH pvp corp)
  • Entosis a sov structure
  • Logi a corp capsuleer that is losing health
  • Tackle an enemy pilot which results in a kill

These could be missions that you for example could only complete once/twice a day or whatever timeframe that the corp has set for it.
These missions do of course have to have some limitations and rules so that people can’t abuse the system but the general idea of it is that Official Corporation Missions with rewards makes it much more real and exciting for new players since they want to feel like they are making a difference in the Corporation. It would also be a much smoother transition going from career missions.

A big part of what makes people stay engaged in many other games is the feeling of accomplishment and progression when they get official rewards/badges for their effort. Those badges and rewards is also something that players look upon with pride and are very likely to share with others.

Expanding on this would be to have a much better “Badge Reward” system where you can give out special badges for achievements that is shown on your character. To make these badges and rewards feel more real they would have to be connected to something tangible in-game.
For example, if you can link it to Zkillboard and show that the player actually did what the badge says.

and yes, this could be abused if it isn’t implemented properly. But first and foremost. This is not intended for veteran players. It is intended for newbies because they have by far the biggest need to feel like they are making a difference and that they are making gains in this game so that they stay.

If that new player joins a corp, then it should be up to the corp leaders to make stuff happen. But if they end up as member 1,015 they could fall through the cracks if that corp doesn’t have good leadership or enough leaders to keep up with new members

This is a clunky system where real leadership can take it upon themselves to make their own system.

Some corps use decorations to do what you’re suggesting and it has the benefit of being anything they want it to be and also judging it’s completion anyway they want.

Say a corp wants to award a decoration for blowing up 100 velators and on the very last velator, to everyones surprise, the velator suicide ganks on the corp member.

It’s upto the corp to come up with that decoration and whether to award it to this particular corp member under the circumstances.

Something like that, or even more unusual, would likely not be covered by a clunky feature. Best to just leave things like that to the players.


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