Missleading expiry date

Dear community and GM,
I have a few items in my redeeming box with specified dates when they will expire, however, these dates are simple, plain LIES.
For example, I had a cerebral booster accelerator, with expiry date April 2020, simple enough, I have time to redeem it by that time; April 2020 after that it will expire. However, in reality, that is not true. It expired with a back going date once you have redeemed it.
The question then is, what is the purpose of these lies or deliberate misleading? Why game creators deliberately lie to players/gamers. If that booster had to be used by e.g. 01.11.2019 than it is no way to be advertised as 24.04.2020; making players believe that they still have time. This is not acceptable.

Kind regards,


There are two expiry dates - one for redeeming the items and one for using them. Items will normally stay in redeeming for 6 month or so. After that, they simply disappear. Redeemed event items like boosters/accelerators also have an expiry date - usually a few days past the end of the event - use it or lose it.

This is documented in the item info sheet but could be made clearer for new players as part of the current initiative.

You can petition it if you want - worst that can happen is they say no!

You’re right.
But that’s exactly why it is a misleading date.

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