Interceptor Expert System Item Expiration

I am noticing that the Grand Prix Interceptors Expert System item in many of my accounts are expiring in less than 24 hours on the Redeem Menu, yet the item itself states that it will fully expired on the 30th. If I redeem it now… It goes active despite that I should be able to keep in the Redeem Item Menu until the 26th.

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Yeah i noticed that also. Was wondering if this is in error?

I seriously know nothing about the expert systems…but might not the expiration date you are referring to mean the time it will expire if unredeemed? Redeem it then a different clock starts ticking? IDK But other things work that way.

Thank you for the response; glad to ‘hear’ that I wasn’t the only one to notice this issue.

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What I understand the info is stating, is that the item will be usable until the 30th, whether or not I actually use it.

With that said, the item should remain in the Redeem Items menu, at least until the 26th because if I do use it, I know that from the 26th to 30th, I get the full duration of the booster.

The issue is, the item expires in the redeem item menu in 10 hours… So, anyone that was planning to use it still with the “Grand Prix” event, can’t. The event is still ‘active’ for another 6 days.

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Once redeemed, it will give you skills required to fly interceptors for 7 days.

Seems the reason for such narrow expiration window is to force you to use the Expert system during the event

The Interceptors one is actually FOUR days.

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