Expiration Issue with the first "Expert System Skills"

I have noticed that the Grand Prix Interceptors Expert System item in many of my accounts are expiring in less than 24 hours on the Redeem Menu, yet the item itself states that it will fully expired on the 30th. If I redeem it now… It goes active despite that I should be able to keep in the Redeem Item Menu until the 26th.

The ability to use it expires on the 30th. Once you activate it, you have a certain amount of hrs/days of use. Biology Skill helps with boosters. that is why the dates don’t match.

The Biology Skill doesn’t affect this booster; plus an Alpha Clone can use up to L3 of that skill.

That isn’t the issue that I notice. every item in the “Grand Prix” last for the whole event but this one. it was the first one and expires in TEN hours if you don’t use it however the event is another SIX days… You would have to redeem “yesterday” to use possibly redeem it for the event…

Yet, the item states that it expires on the 30th; so the max. benefit of the duration of the booster would to use it by the 26th… You can’t because there is a ‘two days’ difference with the expiration issue.

I wanted to active this booster this weekend because the event would still be live… That is issue.

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