About Synth Gifts (for moderators)

About the gift items “synth” they can’t be used by a or Ω characters, because they need to have a certain skill and they must be used instantly.
But in the past they could be taken and sold to the market, or whatever else.
Could this be changed so we can do this again as we could previously?

They can be used by alphas and omegas. Yes, you need Biology trained to use them. In fact, you should prob train Biology. Train it to 5.


I like it :smiley:.
Just wish there was maybe synth drug versions of implants that worked as a drug for a few minutes :smiley:
Synth +3% armor yes plz

Biology skill is rather cheap, only need level 1 to activate those Boosters.

After claiming the log-in rewards, don’t drag it to a character, just select a character and enter the game, the Booster will stay in your Redeem Queue for 14 days which will allow you time to use it when you’re ready.

I dont want to use it. I would prefer if i could sell them but I know that you cant sell them now because they activate instantly.

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