Misunderstood Physics Inc. // EU - Early US // Recruiting capsuleers alpha & omega

Looking for alpha & omega pilots
New players and bittervets welcome!

Startup corporation run by experienced veterans with plans in motion. We support NPSI public fleets and are looking to expand our operations, memes, welpfleets, shitttalking and killmarks. The corp is most active in the EU timezone. We are an English speaking corp.
•PvP pilots * Explo * PvE * Mining * EU / early US TZ
•Willing to PvP * love for explosions
•Industrial pilots accepted * Alpha & Omega

Misunderstood Physics Inc. is looking for capsuleers alpha & omega.
New players and bittervets more than welcome!

PACKAGE DEALS (All inclusive):
// A tight-knit group of helpful people
// Building a corp from the ground up
// Roles to be filled
// Real life comes first
// Discord comms
// Moon mining

// Comms and working mic
// Mature attitude

Join us on our discord :

CEO: Tanya Frost
Co-CEO: Ignatiana
Recruiters: gorgorot1

discord invite invalid :confused:

adjusted, thx for mentioning

Where is the Corp. based in (Region)

for now still from highsec or wherever till we get the numbers to move.
Can’t say what regions yet as we got a deal. All i can say is it ain’t Imperium

Join us in our quest!

Looking for more!

Getting ready to move!

The cake is a lie

Space out with us …

space-time is irrelevant

Your dream is to hitch on to someone else’s bandwagon? Join a big sov alliance?

Still at it! Come join this band of brethren today!

Looking for more, bittervet or newbie, come join us!

Come keep Shrödingers’s cat company!

Got moonmining set up as well now!

Still recruiting, come be a part of the fun!

High content of heavy metals today!

heavy metals?



Something like that!