Q1: what are the prizes for the new contest, Grand Prix? Is it worth doing it? esp. after you get to 50 points, the containers are worth running for or not really? if you already have one, please don’t be shy and share what you’ve got :slight_smile:
Q2: does is make sense to take a T1 cruiser into a C2? does it hold? how about a C1? anyone has an efficient fit please?
Q3: can CCP bring back the agent finder? WHY does it have to be so hard to find agents now?

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A1: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8qneed/this_is_whats_inside_the_gold_package/
A2: No. Even if some fits can survive, it will take to long to clean the site. Some pirate T1 cruisers can be used, though (and actually are used). And you can make more money running missions in high sec (even no blitzing) than doing C1 in T1 cruiser.
A3: No. Because Eve is for people with brains, even too much brains sometimes. Why do things easy if they can be done complicated.

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thanks, so for sure it’s not worth runnig this non-event. Not to mention the gate camps lol

A1: YES … skillpointboosters are nice
A2: YES … depends on the ruiser and the fit but it works with at least some
A3: NO

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