MJD for Freighters (or other active modules)

No, that would just be removing all game play around criminality and piracy in highsec.

Freighters are everywhere in highsec! There is no reason to believe they need a buff of any kind. The highsec hauling meta already overwhelmingly relies on freighters, so it would be silly to make them even stronger.

At the very least, you need to pretend you care about game balance when you make a suggestion to make a powerful ship even better, and suggest some trade-off for the ability to fit a MJD. Otherwise, your suggestion just reeks of self-interest and will be ignored as another tilt-the-game-in-my-favour requests many of these feature proposals are.

Clearly that isn’t the situation with you or you would know the simple things you need to do to avoid making yourself a profitable target and how many ships the ganking groups pass over or can^t catch. Almost every freighter in highsec makes it safely to their destination, and if that tiny risk is too much for you for some reason, there are multiple other hauling choices that give other, more active, strategies to make yourself safe.


No one is forcing you to get a second account, get a friend, you’ve just said it yourself FFS.


Whilst the op is slightly misinformed, i am somewhat open to mjd’s. It does promote active game play over afk hauling.

However, the arguments against are pretty numerous.

  • Hauling is super-duper dumbed down and stupidly safe right now. Less than 1% of courier contracts fail.
  • Ganking has been nerfed into the ground. Like FFS please stop nerfing ganking.
  • Freighters got a MASSIVE ehp buff with the structure resist changes. Because of a damage control change they can’t even use. WTF?!
  • The rewards of hauling are pitiful because it’s so easy.

As the owner of a freighter fleet I’m open to hauling getting more options and more interesting gameplay. But this would have to go both ways. More options to disrupt and attack haulers.

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You do understand, that if they scram you to keep you from MJD in their bump Mach, concord will kill the Mach.

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You don’t scram with the bump Mach. The Mach bumps you out to 150km, then whatever gank fleet warps to the Mach, scrams you, then pops you. And you can’t do jack squat about it because your MJD timer has to reset…

This would be exactly why I let my frigate that does webbing get close to my ship before I uncloak after changing areas so that the second I click to jump to warp I am gone.

I suggest you reread your post. You make it sound like you scram with your bump Mach or fleet stabber.

The freighter can not, and will not be, permascrammed.
Sure, it could be, but the several-men-effort for gankers is beyond practical.

Please explain how you imagine this to work.

I agree on the idea of a mjd for freighters …
… because the afk ones won’t use it.

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Sure it would take some effort, but since when does ganking have to be practical? Practical goes out the window the instant some oblivious freighter jockey undocks with 30 billion in the cargo hold. I’d do whatever it took to gank that freighter…

You completely lost perspective from all these threads of everlasting nonsense …
… and I could not possibly blame you for it.

Get some distance.

  1. AFK freighters still die.
  2. Having more options is always better than having less options.

A freighter pilot being able to actively try to save himself …
… all by himself (!) …
… is infinitely better than the opposite.

The opposite, which we all know and are well aware of, because it brings us shitty threads.

For the ganker it might or not make things different …
which already makes it more interesting
… because something could happen
… opposed to the status quo we all are very aware of.

Defending the absolutely boring status quo makes zero sense.

It does not matter if it makes no difference in 90% of the time …
… what matters is that it can and sometimes even does!


What drugs are you on because there have always been ways to keep a freighter scramed so it can’t activate warp not to mention all other forms of ships if properly planned up.

Duels don’t count, because not every freighter pilot is dumb enough.
They exist, of course.

How do you permascram a freighter without wasting an alt every few seconds?

Tell me, I want to know it too.

You don’t have to keep it perma-scrammed. All you have to do is keep it bumped long enough for your gank fleet to get there, and use a single ship to scram it. An MJD does not help you warp away. All it does it get you 100km away from the bump ship. Then you are stuck with the slow align time of the freighter while your MJD cooldown timer counts down and the bumper catches up to you long before that timer is up. Rinse. Repeat, until the gank fleet gets there. All that MJD is doing is prolonging your death…

You mistake your idea of how it can happen …
… as how it will always happen.

Plus, it is still better than the status quo.

Considering it’s just a slightly more expensive status quo?

It’s all about the experiences of the involved players.

For the actively hauling pilot, it gives him both the idea of a chance …
… and combined with luck/skill even an actual chance.

One can not declare that every situation will end the same way.
That is not possible.

For the gankers there is a change of variety in his gameplay. Suddenly the hauling pilot has an option that has an effect on his experience. Some haulers will get away, some will not.

There is no way this change could do any harm. It adds options that will have positive effects on both player’s experiences, and the ganker is unlikely to be suffering from any actual downsides.

Btw, what is the align time of a freighter filled with inertia stabs?
I am not at my PC.

Except adding the cost of a MJD to a fitting which will need to be added to the loss cost should your ship get jumped?

When you say “there is no way” that means “I don’t understand how” instead.

What’s the price of a mjd?

A million… don’t be ■■■■■■■ ridiculous.

So you admit that a MJD has a cost, which would be added to the loss mail, and require extra training to be a “safe” pilot which really doesn’t guarantee that safety in the first place. Thanks.

Mach’s will just fit MJDs to match.

Looking at zkillboard, it’s standard on bump fits already:

In addition, the MJD has a visual effect for its 9-12 second spool up timer:

Easy to know when to scram.

In the end, this just becomes a higher bar for gankers in terms of the number of characters needed if they want to prevent the warp.

Otherwise, it’s just the freighter pilot helping the Mach move him out of sentry gun range.

Either way, lazy freighter pilots will still get ganked and the smart ones will still avoid being ganked, without needing this module.

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