Freighter Design Pass

Freighter Changes
+60ms > 100ms
77.5 Hull > 100k
3 Lows > 8 Lows
0 Medium > 1 Medium
0 High > 1 High
Base structure resistance


  • 10% reducing in the minimum charge required to enter warp.
  • 10% Cargo Capacity Per a Level

Role Bonus

  • Auto Pilot now warps to 0 on gates, while other ships warp to current range when on auto pilot.
  • 90% reducing in jump fatigue
  • Cannot be ship scanned

Design philosophy
autopilot changes will help an already slow ship be more unique and harder to catch

Giving freighters immune to ship scanners, will help protect them and make them more rng for high sec gankers, that will cause a loss in profitability for suicide baddies.

Giving the freighters a new micro-jump drive will also give freighters the ability to deal with microjump drives.

Base Speed buffs were for balance due to loss of bonus + a little more

More slots help improve customization, and potential tank (again mainly to reduce suicide, or optimize isk income (risk for reward). Medium for Ab/mwd

Freighters do not need a buff unless it is accompanied by Concord time increasing.
This is also not the buff they need in that case, especially the autopilot one. We do not need to encourage afk gameplay. If anything gates should get 15km warp bubbles automatically to allow fights to happen. (with a certain warp disruption strength so you can fit to bypass them but at a big cost)

Took code 1 minute to post, you must really be obsessed with me. That means this is the perfect change.

The fact you think I’m code is laughable and shows how new you actually are.
Anyway, my views on freighters are well on record, go find them if you care.
But what you are proposing here rewards afk play, is a straight buff to freighters with no downsides, which is not needed.

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i think faster warping, and more auto pilot is great for freigthers, you dont. So to you your war, and me mine.

Bowhead - is such an unique ship that can be easily outfitted up to about 630k EHP (with reasonable faction bling), able to use MWD for faster warp out AND can hold 5 Impels fully outfitted for max cargo to a grand total of about 450m3 of cargo space.

As for other changes - all freighters (and jump freighters) need is a bit of CPU or a bonus to CPU requirement to be able to fit damage control module. Imo.

If you want cargo scan immunity - use blockade runners.

Autopilot to 0 is a definite NO.

cannot not jab at this

You haven’t provided any evidence why dramatically increasing afk players reward and dramatically nerfing freighter ganks is a good thing. Please provide more than just your assertion because you have not evidenced a good understanding of the game at all in your posting.

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No. Absolutely no.

  1. Giving all freighters the same number of mids and highs (not to mention a full eight lows) is inconsistent with racial ship design choices. I could maybe see making freighters more like industrial ships in terms of slots and fittings, but not in that manner.

  2. I’ve never encountered a situation, nor ever heard anyone else speak of encountering a situation, where a freighter’s capacitor was ever an impact to it entering warp. Kind of a useless bonus here.

  3. You want to increase the amount of cargo a freighter can carry while also more than doubling the number of low slots it can potentially dedicate to cargo expanders? You must desperately want to see more expensive freighter kills.

  4. No to any auto-pilot warping to zero. If you want to warp to zero, put yourself at keyboard and do it yourself. Auto pilot != easy mode. (Side note: freighters auto-piloting to zero will not reduce freighter ganks. They’ll just get bumped while they spend 20-30 seconds aligning to the next gate.)

  5. If you want ship scan immunity, fly a Blockade Runner. (Another side note: ship scan immunity won’t save freighters from being ganked. If they were being ganked purely for profit, empty freighters would never get ganked, yet they do all the time.)

  6. You want to put a micro jump drive on a freighter? Okay, again, just like autopiloting to zero, you’ll still get bumped as you spend 20-30 seconds (or longer probably since you’ll be mis-aligned and at full speed) aligning, you’ll just be however many kilometers away from the gate.

You’re looking for solutions to a problem that already has solutions. Be at your keyboard, don’t fit for max cargo and/or haul more than your freighter is worth, fly with a friend to scout and/or web you into warp.


Third party software abuses high sec freigthers, cargo scan immunity is the best option to countering this and making codes life more rng.

noting wrong with more slots, more expensive or more protected freighters falls in risk reward.

faster entering warp times help fight both bumping and reduce the chance of making freighters catchable. it improves their surival rates naturally, but in a way that is not fit related.

the arguments i see here seem to be pro-code based, none of them supporting the perspective of freight pilots. thus i will consider them invalid and nullified on the position of “your dont want fixes to game problems because it will break your abusive play style”
Only validating why they need such changes.

I’m a bit lost here. What third party software has anything to do with flying or ganking freighters? If that’s an issue, maybe deal with that instead of fundamentally altering freighters?

I agree with you re: adding slots, just not in the manner you chose. Look at the Bowhead for example, I could potentially see all freighters having proper slots and fitting like they do. (They still get ganked BTW.)

Where did you mention faster entering warp times? Or is that what you meant with your “charge requirement” bonus? (Hint: If you’re looking to get into warp faster, it’s an agility bonus you want, not a warp capacitor reduction.)

I’m not pro-ganking or anti-ganking. I recognize that it’s something that can happen in EvE, and that there are already ample measures available to pilots who want to avoid it. Not that it makes my arguments any more valid, but I handle all of the large hauling for my corporation (primarily in an Orca, but in a Provi when necessary), so in that regard, I do represent the perspective of freighter pilots.



How does making the freighter even more powerful help new bros that want to get into the hauling/trading business?

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Why don’t you go design your own game and let EVE alone ?

High sec is already so safe that it is boring as hell.
So: No, go away !



And one of your Fixes is to make it easier to AFK play the game… ?


there existed, and presumably still exists software that tracks freighters. You can easily set it up to pull values from the market, and tag the names via imput options on a table on a server.

basically the result is copying ship scan into the website, and pasting it liek you do with d-scan and ships. the result, a list of freighter and their value of cargo on a website for all to see with last seen system.

you lost what i ment. ships charge up impulse energy to 75% to enter warp, I am talking about reducing that 75% to a total of 50% of that value at level 5 freighter. meaning you’d charge 37.5% Speed, to warp, not 75%.

This statement tells me you have a mentality not worth debating. im tired of positions like this.

Why do you always want to change things without knowing proper mechanics/terminology of the game?

What you ask for is, effectively, to halve inertia modifier which is too big of a bonus even for faster/sneakier ships (some of them get -5% per skill level) and goes against whole concept of huge bulky slow transport ships.


Because they are an amazing game dev… but can’t reveal what they have worked on, or who their EVE main is…


I thought he ment capacitor level to enter warp, thinking that he doesent know how warping works. Thaks for translating naari to common language. As for the topic itself I think its one of the most hillarious suggestions that our developer friend has yet conjured. I’m just left wondering what kind of impact does he think safe and afk freighters would have on the game, specificaly on the huge organized null coalitions.

No. Inertia is another part of the mechanic, they effect the same thing, however, by changing the base mechanic you still open the ship up to the effects of inertia.

So for example if you stacked rigs and lows, you might get - 1-2 second warp charge, but reducing it from 75 to 35 is like 6-7, and only changing the inertia will result in much longer times + no additional customization options.

3x Inertial Stabilizers II on a Providence bring down align/warp-out time from 40 to 23 seconds, so its just a matter of player choice.

If anything, i think that simply giving Freighters 2 rig slots (they dont have any atm) would allow for a lot of extra customization and is enough to “fix” them.

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You cant fix them like that, but you can make it harder to be killed.